Photos from
Kirk McDonald's Visit to London and Geneva

March 2005

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Photo 1, Kirk at the Peter Pan statue, Kensington Park, Sun, Mar 13. 2005.
Photo 2, A dog/bear bathing in the Long Water of Kensington Park.
Photo 3, Carlos (half), Carole Edrich and Kirk at the Peña Flamencos de Londres, Costa Dorado Restaurant, 47 Hanway Street, W1T London. Photo 1 Carole Edrich's Webwandering site.
Photo 4, David and Beatrice.
Photo 5, Beatrice and Carole.
Photo 6, David and Beatrice.
Photo 7, Beatrice and Carole.
Photo 8, The lead flamenco dancer, conversing during the interval.
Photo 9, David and Beatrice, dancing during the interval. In back: the baby seen just to the left of Beatrice's waist was the most enthusiastic member of the audience; a future queen of flamenco!
Photo 10, ditto.
Photo 11, ditto.
Photo 12, ditto.
Photo 13, ditto.
Photo 14, ditto.
Photo 15, David, with another partner.
Photo 16, Ivonne and (another) David.
Photo 17, More impromptu dancers.
Photo 18, David et al.
Photo 19, ditto.
Photo 20, Carole and Carlos.
Photo 21, Kirk, at the Sullivan Monument (as in, Gilbert and...) in the Victoria Embankment Garden, London, Mon, Mar 14.
Photo 22, ditto.
Photo 23, Harold Kirk, Van Graves, Ilias Efthymiopoulos, at the Cafe du Soleil, Petit-Sacconex, Geneva, Wed. Mar. 16.
Photo 24, Roger Bennett and Kirk.
Photo 25, Harold, Van, Ilias, Jacques Lettry, Nick Simos.
Photo 26, Halepi Taverna, 18 Leinster Terrace, Bayswater, London W2, Fri, Mar 18.
Photo 27, A bald-headed Brit in a pinstripe suit pilfering a piece of designer plywood.
Photo 28, Preparing scallions, a la Manet.
Photo 29, Kirk and Cristina. [The spots on my shirt attest my enjoyment of the octopus salad.]
Photo 30, Kirk, in Kensington Park.
Photo 33, Kirk, on a bench.
Photo 34, Shadows.
Photo 35, Circus cops on Old Compton Street, Soho, where I took a sip before going to see Schiller's "Don Carlos" at the Gielgud. Derek Jacobi had the lead. At 6:15 pm I picked up a return of seat J14, the 2nd best in the house. Seat J13, the best, was occupied by Frank Langella (another NJ boy).
Photo 36, Christos Matsos (friend of Nick Simos and proprietor of the Halepi) and Kirk, back at the Halepi, late Mar 18.
Photo 37, Kirk and the butterfish, Harrods, Sat, Mar 19.


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