Photos from the
McDonald/Schaefer Family
in England, July 2002

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June 28: London, Cambridge.
June 29: London, Roundhouse Theatre
June 30: About the City
July 1: NuFact'02 reception
July 2: Globe Theatre
July 3: Millenium Dome
July 4: Oxford
July 5: NuFact'02 banquet
July 6: Theatre district
July 7: Cheshire Cheese
July 8: Gray's Inn

Photos by Nancy.

640 x 480 Photos taken with a Canon Powershot A40 digital camera:

June 28: Tate (London), Cambridge.
Photo 33, Owen, Nancy.
Photo 34, Kirk at Thameside.
Photo 35, Owen, Nancy, Alex, on the steps of the Tate.
Photo 36, Barbie Friedin, Nancy, Alex, on Orchard St, Cambridge.
Photo 37, Bob Friedin, in the backyard.
Photo 38, Alex, Bob, Owen.
Photo 39, Nancy, Barbie.
Photo 40, Owen, Alex, Bob, at the Front Gate of St John's College.
Photo 41, Alex, and the punts at St John's.
Photo 42, Owen, Alex and Bob, on the St John's green.
Photo 43, Owen, Bob, Alex, at the gate between St John's and Trinity.
Photo 44, Owen, Alex, along the Backs by the Wren Library of Trinity College.
Photo 45, Alex, Owen, Bob, at the Great Gate of Trinity College.
Photo 46, Alex, Owen, on Silver Street during graduation day.
Photo 47, Alex, Bob, punting off from St John's.
Photo 48, Alex, Bob.
Photo 49, Alex, Bob, under the Bridge of Sighs.
Photo 50, Alex, Bob.
Photo 51, Alex, Bob.
Photo 52, Bob, Alex, who tries his hand at punting.
Photo 53, Bob, Alex.
Photo 54, Bob, Alex.
Photo 55, Bob, Alex, alongside the Wren Libaray.
Photo 56, Alex, Bob.
Photo 57, Owen, by the Wooden Bridge of Queen's College.
Photo 58, Bob, Alex.
Photo 59, Bob, Alex.
Photo 60, Bob, Alex.
Photo 61, Alex.
Photo 62, Bob, Alex.
Photo 63, Bob, Alex.
Photo 64, Bob, Alex.
Photo 65, Bob, Alex.
Photo 66, Bob, Alex.
Photo 67, Bob, Alex.
Photo 68, Bob, Alex at the Bridge of Sighs.
Photo 69, Alex, Bob.
Photo 70, Bob, Alex.
Photo 71, Alex.
Photo 72, Alex.
Photo 73, Alex.
Photo 74, Black swans nesting near the St John's docks.
Photo 75, Owen and the swans.
Photo 76, Alex, Owen, in the River Court of St John's College.
Photo 77, Bob, Owen, at the south gate of the New Court of St John's College.

June 29:
Photo 78, Owen and a bulldog on a sidestreet near the Portobello Market, London.
Photo 79, Owen, at the British Museum.
Photo 80, Owen, Alex, Nancy at the Roundhouse Theatre to see Shakespeare's Pericles.
Photo 81, Nancy, Owen, Alex.
Photo 82, The theater in the round(house).
Photo 84, A crowd scene from Pericles.

June 30:
Photo 87, Nancy, on Boundart St (?), Shoreditch.
Photo 88, Nancy.
Photo 89, Nancy.
Photo 90, Nancy at a botique on Redchurch St (?).
Photo 91, Nancy, at a gallery on Redchurch St(?).
Photo 92, Kirk, at a cafe on Brick St.
Photo 94, Nancy, and the redhaired shopkeeper in the Old Spitalfields Market.
Photo 95, Kirk, Nancy, near our weekly rental on Hatton Garden.
Photo 96, Nancy, Alex, at Samuel Johnson's house, off Fleet St.
Photo 97, Kirk, on Gough Square.
Photo 98, Alex, at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, off Fleet St.
Photo 99, Kirk, at St Brides Church.
Photo 101, Kirk
Photo 102, Nancy, on Pilgrim St, leading to St Paul's.
Photo 103, Alex, in an alcove on Pilgrim St.

July 1:
Photo 104, Owen, eating bangers across from the Smithfield Market.
Photo 109, Alex, Peter Sievers, at the NuFact'02 reception in the Victoria and Albert Museum.
Photo 120, Peter Sievers, Nancy.
Photo 148, Alain Blondel, Kirk, Ms X, Bill Weng, Owen.
Photo 149, Kirk, Ms X, Bill Weng, Owen.
Photo 154, Ed and Norma Black, Nancy.
Photo 169, Nancy, Owen, Kirk at the column of physicists.
Photo 170, Owen, Kirk.
Photo 175, Owen, in the South Kensington tube station.
Photo 176, Owen, Nancy, in the Eagle Pub, Farringdon St.

July 2:
Photo 177, Owen, at the Tower of London.
Photo 178, Owen, at the Globe Theatre for Twelfth Night.
Photo 179, Owen, before the play started.
Photo 180, Owen.
Photo 181, Alex, Nancy, in the pits.
Photo 182, Owen.
Photo 184, Owen.
Photo 185, Owen.
Photo 186, Kirk, Owen. "The rain it raineth everyday" = last line of Twelfth Night.
Photo 187, The actors gavotte.
Photo 188, Yellowstocking.
Photo 189, More gavotting.
Photo 190, The (s)heros.
Photo 191, etc.

July 3:
Photo 192, Nancy, Owen, settling in for a full English breakfast at the Fox and Anchor (the English defeated the Americans).
Photo 193, Owen, at the (abandoned) Millenium Dome.
Photo 194, Owen.
Photo 195, Owen, at the slice of a freighter.
Photo 196, Owen.
Photo 197, Owen, at the wicker man sculpture.
Photo 198, Owen.

July 4:
Photo 199, Alex, Nancy, at the Randolph Hotel, Oxford.
Photo 200, Alex, Nancy.
Photo 201, Owen, at the Schola Logicae off the old Bodleian Courtyard.
Photo 202, Alex.
Photo 203, Alex, and gargoyles on the way up the The University Church of St Mary the Virgin.
Photo 204, Alex, Owen.
Photo 205, Owen, with All Soul's College in back.
Photo 206, Alex.
Photo 207, Alex.
Photo 210, Owen, with gargoyles.
Photo 211, Kirk, and the satyrs.
Photo 214, Owen, at the pump.
Photo 216, Owen.
Photo 220, Kirk.
Photo 221, Nancy.
Photo 222, Alex, Nancy, at the gate of the Front Quad of Queen's College.
Photo 223, Kirk, as Benny Hill.
Photo 224, Owen, Nancy, at Magdalen College.
Photo 225, Owen, Alex, punting off from the Magdalen Bridge.
Photo 226, Alex. Magdalen Tower in back.
Photo 228, Duck.
Photo 229, Alex.
Photo 230, Alex.
Photo 231, Alex, Owen.
Photo 232, Owen, Alex.
Photo 233, Owen, Alex, swan.
Photo 234, Alex.
Photo 235, Alex.
Photo 236, Alex.
Photo 237, Alex.
Photo 238, Owen, Alex, Nancy, at the Botanic Garden.
Photo 239, Kirk, in the garden.
Photo 240, On Merton St.
Photo 241, Alex, Owen.
Photo 242, Alex, Owen, Nancy, at the entrance to Merton College.
Photo 243, Owen, Nancy, Alex, plus an American Fellow of Merton College who gave us a tour.
Photo 244, Owen.
Photo 245, Nancy, Alex, Owen.
Photo 246, Alex, Nancy, Owen.
Photo 247, Owen.
Photo 248, Owen.
Photo 249, Alex, Nancy.

July 5:
Photo 291, Owen, Alex, Nancy at the NuFact'02 banquet in the Imperial College Science Museum.
Photo 298, Owen, Alex, Nancy.
Photo 327, Peter Sievers, Nancy, Owen.
Photo 349, Don Summers, Kirk.
Photo 352, Nancy, Owen, Alex.
Photo 382, Nancy, wife of Ed McKigney.
Photo 383, Owen.

July 6:
Photo 386, Nancy, in a restaurant off Leiceister Square.
Photo 389, Nancy, in Soho.
Photo 390, Kirk, Nancy.
Photo 391, Owen, Nancy, Alex.

July 7:
Photo 392, Alex, near Hyde Park Corner.
Photo 393, Owen, Nancy, Alex at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese..
Photo 394, Nancy, and an African grey parrot (stuffed).
Photo 395, Nancy (Gentlemen Only).

July 8:
Photo 396, Nancy, in the Dickens alcove of Gray's Inn.
Photo 397, Young Dickens.
Photo 398, Alex, Owen, outside of our weekly rental on Hatton Garden.
Photo 399, Alex, Nancy, Owen, at Paddington Station.


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