The 1998 McDonald Family Reunion

Tucson, Arizona

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Terra Christian:
Willie Cotton:
Alex McDonald:
Gail McDonald:
Ian McDonald:
Jan McDonald,
Kalani (McDonald) Howell-Peters:
Kirk McDonald:
Lee McDonald:
Nancy McDonald:
Roni McDonald:
Ira Christian:
Owen Schaefer:

December 27: Tom and Verla Hunt, San Xavier del Bac
December 28: Side trip to Nogales, Mexico + Tubac, AZ
December 29: Baboquivari, height 7730', climb ~4300' + 60' technical rock climb, trail 5 miles.
December 30: Tombstone, Bisbee
December 31: Quiet day in Tucson
January 1: Texas Canyon, Muleshoe Ranch
January 2: Muleshoe Ranch: pinata, clan pictures, Bass Canyon
January 3: Muleshoe Ranch, Colossal Cave Mountain Park
January 4: Departure for Nepal
January 5: Last Farewells

December 27:
Tom Hunt, Nancy Schaefer in the kitchen at 3461 E. 3rd St.
Alex McDonald, Lee McDonald.
Head of Gail McDonald, Tom, Nancy S, Verla Hunt.
Gail McDonald.
Betsy McDonald, Tom, part of Nancy S.
Alex, Betsy, Gail.
Tom, Gail.
Nancy and Owen Schaefer, Verla.
Tom, Alex, Gail.
Tom, Gail, Betsy.
Tom, Gail, Betsy.
Tom, Gail, Betsy.
Tom, Alex, Gail.
Tom, head of Alex.
Tom, Gail.
Verla, Tom, head of Alex.
Nancy S, Betsy, Alex.
Tom, Nancy S.
Tom, Nancy S.
Betsy, back of Alex, Nancy S, Verla.
Nancy S, Verla, Betsy, arm of Alex.
Alex, Betsy, Verla.
Gail, Alex, Betsy, Verla.
Tom, Gail, Alex.
Alex, Tom, Owen on 3rd St.
Verla, Tom departing in the BMW substitute.
Owen at the food huts at San Xavier del Bac.
Nancy and Owen S.
Nancy S, Betsy, Lee, Owen.
Alex, Nancy S, Betsy.
Nancy S, Joe Begay.
Nancy S, Gail.
Tortilla making.
Nancy S, Gail.
Nancy S (part), Lee, Jan McDonald, Gail at 3461 E. 3rd St.
Owen (side), Ian McDonald.
Adanne Brooks.
Lee, Allen Tollin.
Jan, Nancy S.
Nancy McDonald.
Lee, Nancy M.
Allen, Jan, with drawings by Jan behind.
Alex, Ian.
Allen, Alex, Ian.
Allen, Alex, Ian.
Willie Cotton, Kalani McDonald, in back: Jan, Nancy S (part).
Jan, Nancy M, Nancy S.
Nancy M.
Olivia Brooks, Betsy.
Olivia, Betsy.
Kalani, Gail.
Owen, Ian, Adanne.
Owen, Ian, Alex, Adanne.
Betsy, Olivia.
Olivia under the table.
Kalani, Willie, Allen.
Kalani, Willie, Allen, Jan.
Betsy, in back: Olivia, Ian (taken by Adanne).
Adanne, Alex, Ian.
Olivia, Betsy.
Olivia, Kalani, Betsy.

December 28:
Nancy S in Nogales.
Nancy M, Nancy S.
Kirk McDonald, Nancy M in Tubac.
Nancy S at the Tubac fountain gallery.
Nancy S and an old car.
Owen, Ian, Alex at 3461 E. 3rd St.
Nancy M, Alex, Nancy S.
Nancy S, Jan.
Nancy M, Betsy, Gail.
Jan (+ part of Nancy S).
Jan, Alex, Ian, Owen at the Nintendo64.

December 29:
Gail, Lee, Alex, about 6am, as we prepare to head for Baboquivari Peak.
Gail, Alex, near Sells before sunup.
Gail, Alex, on the road from Topowa.
Ghost Dancers, Alex, Kirk, Gail. wallpaper version.
Gail, Alex near the trailhead.
Alex at the Baboquivari base campsite.
Gail, Alex by a water tank with the symbol of the Tohono O'odham tribe. [This and the next few photos are at higher resolution => bigger files.] Also featured on the wallpaper version.
Alex, Gail and a cholla.
Alex picking a barrel cactus fruit.
Alex eating the fruit, Gail.
Alex, Gail.
Gail + saguaro.
Alex, Gail + cholla.
Gail, Alex + agave spear.
Gail, Alex + ocotillo.
Gail in a scrub oak glen.
Gail, Alex at the lower `plateau'.
Gail, Alex near the soutwest ridge that leads up to the peak.
Gail, Alex. The approach is up the green ledge to the right, then up the 40 deg. crack to the left toward the notch, then around to the north face for the short rock ascent.
Gail, Alex roping up for the north face.
Gail, Alex.
Gail in the lead.
Alex about to ascend. Yes, you see snow! [The last of the high resolution photos.]
Gail near the top of the technical pitch.
Alex near the top, Gail above.
Alex, Gail after descending.
Gail descending the west incline.
Gail, Alex, parting view of Babo + moon.

December 30:
Ian (back), Ira Christian at 3461 E. 3rd St.
Allen, Scott Alter (Allen's nephew), Ian.
Terra Christian, Owen.
Owen, Ian.
Ira, Allen.
Nancy S, Gail.
Terra + Owen (back), Ian (side).
Roni McDonald.
Adanne, Terra, Kalani, Scott, Ira, in back: Lee.
Allen, Gail, Owen (back), Betsy (back).
Alex, Terra, Ian, Adanne.
Nancy M, Nancy S.
nephew (back), Adanne, Terra, Ira.
Adanne + anteater.
Allen (side), Terra, Betsy, Lee in Tombstone.
Roni, Ira, Gail.
Owen, Betsy (part), Roni, Ira (part).
Allen, Terra, Ira, Betsy (back).
Roni, Betsy, Adanne, Lee, Kalani, Nancy S.
Lee (part), Owen, Terra, Allen, Nancy S, Roni.
Terra, Allen and Ian on the swings.
Adanne, Ira.
Terra, Lee, Roni, Scott, Betsy outside the Queen mine in bisbee, in back: Nancy S..
Lee, Terra, Owen, Ira, suited up and on the tram.
Allen, Scott, Ian, Lee, Roni, Terra.
Kalani, Adanne, Betsy, Gail, Nancy S.
Kirk, Betsy, Gail.
Top of Betsy, Gail, Nancy S entering the Queen mine.
Terra, Owen, Kalani, Adanne, Ira.
Adanne, Kalani.
Gail, Nancy S.
Lee, Roni, Terra.
Allen, Scott, Ian, Lee.
Allen, Kalani, Gail, Roni, Lee.
Ian, Roni, Adanne.
Nancy S, Owen, Allen, Roni.
Ira, Terra (side).
Lee, Gail, Betsy.
Lee, Betsy, Gail.
Gail, Terra.
Roni, Owen, Nancy S.
Lee, Terra, Gail, Owen (part).
Betsy, Terra, Roni, Nancy S, Ira, Owen.
Lee (part), Betsy, Gail.
Adanne, Kalani, Ian, Roni.
Roni, Ian, Adanne, Kalani, Gail, Betsy.
Roni, Adanne, Kalani, Betsy, Gail.
Roni, Adanne, Kalani.
Ian at the drill.
Adanne on the honey wagon.
Kalani, Adanne, Owen, Ira, Terra.
Nancy S, Betsy, Gail, + many others exiting the mine.
Lee, Roni, Gail, Betsy.
Betsy, Ian, Scott.
Nancy S, Betsy, Kalani, in back: Owen, Terra.
Roni, Allen, Lee, Gail.
Owen, Scott, Ian, Terra, Adanne, Ira.
Roni, Lee, Gail.
Allen, Ira, Scott, Owen.
Kalani, Betsy, Roni, Terra.
Roni, Nancy M, back at 3461 E. 3rd St.
Olivia, Betsy.
Jan, Nancy M.
Roni, Lee + his telescope.
Owen, Ian, Ira.
Betsy, Alex.
Nancy S, Jan.
Willie, Nancy M.
Kalani, Olivia, Adanne.
Roni, Ira, Adanne, Terra (back), Owen.

December 31:
Willie, Olivia.
Lee + yo-yo.
Willie, Olivia.
Willie, Olivia.
Adanne, Lee.
Nancy S by a grapefruit tree at Bryant St.
Allen, Betsy, Nancy S outside Jan's studio.
Allen, Nancy S.
Olivia, Adanne, Willie (part) cooking mud pies.
Willie, Olivia, Adanne.
Lee (back), Adanne, Olivia.
Roni, Lee, Gail.
Willie, Olivia, Nancy M.
Olivia, Adanne.
Willie, Adanne, Terra, Ira, Owen.
Jan, Betsy, Roni.
Betsy, Roni, Nancy M.
Adanne with glasses.
Ian, Alex in Lee's apartment.
Jan, Kalani, Olivia, Betsy.
Nancy M, Kirk (by Adanne).
Kalani (back), Kirk.
Kalani, Olivia.
Roni, Ira.
Terra, Ira.
Terra, Roni.
Lee, Kalani, Olivia, Jan.
Kalani, Jan, Betsy.
Adanne, Terra, Ira, Lee.
Betsy, Ira.
Terra, Roni, Adanne, Willie, Owen.
Roni, Terra, Owen.
Roni (by Adanne).
Roni + part of Lee.

January 1, 1999:
Nancy M, shoeing the iron mule.
Terra, Ira, Owen on a boulder in Texas Canyon.
Olivia, Kalani.
Adanne, Willie, Ian, Olivia, Kalani (part).
Alex, Ian.
Willie, Gail, Alex.
Ira, Owen, Ian, Terra.
Ian, Ira, Owen, Terra.
Owen, Terra, Ira, Ian (hi res).
Allen, Ian.
Allen, Ian, Owen.
Kalani, Adanne, Lee, Willie, Nancy S, in back: Gail.
Backs of Roni, Gail, Lee.
Alex, Adanne, Olivia.
Nancy S, Jan, Lee, Roni, Gail in Willcox.
Entrance to Muleshoe Ranch.
Olivia with the pencil balloon at Muleshoe.
Jan in the hot trough.

January 2:
Lee, in back: Adanne.
Owen, Ian, Olivia, Terra.
Willie, Kalani.
Adanne bird watching.
Olivia, Willie + part of Owen, beginning to attack the small pinata.
Kalani, Terra (part).
Adanne, Kalani.
Adanne, Gail, Alex, Jan.
Kalani, Adanne.
Adanne, Terra, Willie.
Willie, Olivia, Terra.
Owen, Alex, Willie, Terra scrambling for some fallout from the small pinata.
Adanne, Terra.
Adanne (part), Terra, Owen, Ira.
Owen, Ian and the end of the small pinata.
Terra, Owen, Roni.
Lee, Owen, Nancy S, Terra (?), Alex, Gail begin work on the large pinata.
Ira, Terra.
Terra, Alex, Owen.
Lee, Jan, Roni.
Olivia, Adanne, Alex after the demise of the large pinata.
Kirk (by Adanne).
Adanne `the Chin' Brooks.
Adanne, Ian.
Terra, Ira, Alex, Ian, Owen.
Owen, Ira, Alex on the nature loop.
Alex, Owen, Ira.
Alex, Terra, Roni, Ira, Owen.
Adanne + grasshopper.
Assembling for the clan picture, Owen out front.
Alex disrupting the clan picture.
Ian disrupting.
The digital clan picture: front: Alex, Terra, Ira, Adanne; 2nd row: Gail, Owen, Ian, Kirk; 2rd row: Jan, Roni, Nancy M, Betsy, Olivia; back row: Lee, Nancy S, Allen, Kalani, Willie
Ira, Terra on a rock outcropping above Bass Canyon.
In Bass Canyon.
In Bass Canyon.
In Bass Canyon.
Nancy S.
Nancy S, Nancy M, Roni, Kalani as Bass Canyon joins Hot Springs Canyon.
Nancy S, Roni, Nancy M.
Alex, Nancy S, shortly after Alex spotted the herd of coatimundi.
Nancy S.
Hot Springs Canyon.
Hot Springs Canyon.
Nancy S.
Betsy, Gail, Nancy S (back) in the hot trough.
Alex in the warm trough.

January 3:
Nancy M.
Ira, Owen, Terra.
Adanne, Oliva, about to leave Muleshoe.
Nancy M, Kalani.
Ian, Jan, Terra.
Owen, Roni, Ira, Terra, Lee at Colossal Cave Mountain Park.
Lee, Roni.
Ira, Owen, Terra on the statue of the lonesome cowboy.
Ira, Owen, Terra.
Owen, Terra, Ira.
Owen, saddling up.
Kirk, Lee, Roni, Terra, Ira, Owen on the trail.
Terra, Ira.
Ira, Owen.
Roni, Terra, Owen, Ira.
Dale, Ira, Owen.
Terra, Owen, Ira.
Dale, Ira, Owen.
Roni, Terra, Owen.
Roni, Lee.
Ira, Terra, Owen.
Ian at Rocks and Ropes climbing gym.

January 4:
Pat Watrous.
Lee, 50th birthday, Jan 6.
Betsy, Lee, Ira, Nancy S, Terra (?), Roni.
Ian, Terra, Gail (?), Roni, Owen, Nancy S (part).
Jan, Pat.
Alex, Nancy S, B&B Cactus Farm, 11550 E Speedway.
Alex with a hook barrel cactus.
Nancy S with a South African stone cactus (in hand).
Besty, Gail at the Tucson airport; they and Jan are departing for Nepal.
Jan, Alex, Nancy S.
Nancy S, Betsy.
Betsy, Gail.
Terra (back), Ira, Owen.
Roni, Kalani.
Jan, Allen, Adanne.
Jan, Allen, Adanne.
Kalani, Betsy, Roni (back).
Betsy, Kalani (side), Ian (blur), Willie.
Kirk, Adanne, by Ian.
Kirk (arm), Adanne, Jan, Allen, by Ian.
Olivia, Kirk, by Adanne (hi res).
Kalani (part), Allen (arm), Jan (back), Gail, Olivia, Kirk, Nancy S, by Adanne (hi res).
Kalani, Gail, by Adanne (hi res).
Silhouettes: Willie, Ira, Terra (hi res).
Parts of Terra, Ira, Owen, by Adanne (hires).
Adanne, by Ian (hi res).
Terra, Ira, Roni (hi res).
Kalani, Olivia, Roni, in back: Allen (hi res).
Allen, Nancy S (hi res).
Alex, Ian, Nancy S behind Mr. X.
Roni, Terra in the airport parking lot.
Roni, Nancy S (side).
Roni (back), Willie, Kalani.
Owen, Ira, Terra.
Ian, Alex, Owen at Bryant St.
Ian, Ira, Alex, Owen, Terra at El Charro Restaurant.
Allen, Nancy S, Alex, part of Owen.
Terra, Ira, Roni, Owen.
Alex, Ian, Lee, Kalani.

January 5:
Roni, Terra, Ira at the Tucson airport, preparing to head back to California.
Nancy S, Roni, Ira.
Nancy S, Terra, Ira, Owen.
Nancy S (back), Alex, Ira, Owen, Roni, Terra.
Ira, Owen, Roni, Terra.

Hasta la vista!


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