Photos from the
McDonald Family Reunion
Tucson, Arizona
Dec. 25, 2002 -- Jan. 1, 2003

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December 25: 3rd St, Tucson,
December 26: Tucson, Picacho Peak
December 27: Tucson, Phoenix, Gila Indian Center, Ostrich Farm, Molina Basin
December 28: Ragged Top expedition
December 29: San Xavier, Biosphere II
December 30: Fixit Day
December 31: Duquesne, Coronado Memerial, Happy Jack cave, Lochiel, Nogales
January 1: Group photos
Additional photos

640 x 480 Photos taken with a Canon Powershot A40 digital camera:

December 25: 3461 E. 3rd St, Tucson
Photo 35, Alex McDonald, Gail McDonald, Betsy McDonald.
Photo 36, Lee McDonald, Gail, Owen Schaefer.
Photo 37, Gail, Owen, Jan McDonald, Alex, Ian McDonald.
Photo 38, Betsy, Jan, Gail.
Photo 39, Kalani McDonald, Nancy McDonald.

December 26:
Photo 42, Ian, Owen.
Photo 44, Alex, Ian, Owen, Lee.
Photo 45, Ian, Gail. Owen.
Photo 46, Lee, Alex.

Picacho Peak
Photo 47, Alex.
Photo 48, Betsy, Gail, Alex.
Photo 49, Betsy, Lee.
Photo 50, Betsy, Gail.
Photo 51, Ian.
Photo 52, Owen, Alex, Gail.
Photo 53, Gail, Ian, Owen, Alex.
Photo 54, Alex, Owen, Gail, Ian, Lee.
Photo 55, Ian, Owen, Gail, Lee.
Photo 56, Gail, Owen, Ian.
Photo 57, Gail, Owen, Ian.
Photo 58, Gail, Owen, Ian.
Photo 59, Gail, Owen.
Photo 60, Ian, Owen, Gail.
Photo 61, Ian, Owen.
Photo 62, Ian, Owen.
Photo 63, Gail, Alex, Owen, Ian, at the top.
Photo 64, Ian, Alex.
Photo 65, part of Ian, Alex, Owen.
Photo 66, Lee, Ian, Owen.
Photo 67, Ian, Lee, Kirk McDonald.
Photo 68, Ian, Owen.
Photo 69, Ian, Owen.
Photo 70, Owen, Ian, Alex.
Photo 71, Alex, Ian, Owen.
Photo 72, Owen, Ian.
Photo 73, Ian, Owen.
Photo 74, Alex, Ian, part of Owen.
Photo 75, Alex and the barrel cactus.
Photo 76, Alex and the barrel cactus.
Photo 77, Alex.
Photo 78, Alex, Owen.
Photo 79, Owen, Alex.
Photo 80, Owen.
Photo 81, Ian.
Photo 82, Owen, Alex, Ian.
Photo 83, Alex, Owen, Ian.
Photo 84, Alex, Owen, Ian.
Photo 85, Gail, the rock goddess.
Photo 86, Gail.
Photo 87, Gail: in back: Alex, Ian, Owen.
Photo 88, Owen, Ian.
Photo 89, Kirk.
Photo 90, Alex, at the ostrich farm.
Photo 91, Betsy, Alex, Lee, Owen, back at 3rd St.
Photo 92, Gail, Kalani, Betsy.

December 27:
Photo 93, Betsy; in back: Picacho Peak.
Photo 94, Betsy.
Photo 95, Kirk, Mrs. Prebys, Eric Prebys at the Phoenix airport.
Photo 96, Ira Christian, Terra Christian, Roni McDonald, Betsy.
Photo 97, Ira, Terra, at the Gila Indian Cultural Center.
Photo 98, Betsy, Ira, Terra, Roni.
Photo 99, Ira, Terra, Roni, Kirk.
Photo 100, Terra, at the ostrich farm.
Photo 101, Ira.
Photo 102, Roni.
Photo 103, Roni.
Photo 104, Ira.
Photo 105, Ira.
Photo 106, Ira.
Photo 107, Ira.
Photo 108, Kirk.
Photo 109, Allen Tollin, Nancy, Betsy, Roni, back at 3rd St.
Photo 110, Owen, Alex, Jan.
Photo 111, Ira, Allen.
Photo 112, Roni, Terra, at the Molina Basin star watch.
Photo 113, Alex, Betsy.
Photo 114, Ira, Alex, Gail, Betsy.
Photo 115, Owen, Ian, Lee, and his telescope.
Photo 116, Roni, Terra, Gail.
Photo 117, Roni, Terra.
Photo 118, Owen.
Photo 119, Owen, Ian, Alex, Roni, Lee.
Photo 120, Roni, Betsy, part of Gail.
Photo 121, Gail, Terra.
Photo 122, Gail, Terra.
Photo 123, Roni, Owen.
Photo 124, Terra.
Photo 126, Alex, Roni, Ira, Owen.
Photo 128, Owen, Alex, Ira, Ian, at Windy Point.

December 28:
Photo 129, Ira, at the wash on the Red Rock road.
Photo 130, Roni, Terra.
Photo 131, Ira, Alex, Gail, Roni.
Photo 132, Roni, Ian, Gail.
Photo 133, Roni, Terra.
Photo 134, Roni.
Photo 135, Terra; in back:Ragged Top.
Photo 136, Bull 61.
Photo 137, Bull 61. We stayed in the car.
Photo 138, Roni + Ragged Top.
Photo 139, Ian, Owen.
Photo 140, Owen, Ian, Terra.
Photo 141, Ian, Ira, Betsy, Terra.
Photo 142, Owen, Terra, Betsy.
Photo 143, Jan.
Photo 144, Owen, Betsy.
Photo 145, Elbow of Owen, Allen, Roni, Gail.
Photo 146, Ian, Owen.
Photo 147, Owen.
Photo 149, Owen, Gail, Ira.
Photo 150, Betsy, Terra, Ira, Gail.
Photo 151, Ira + S'More.
Photo 152, Owen, Allen, Jan.
Photo 153, Roni, Betsy, Terra.
Photo 154, Ian.
Photo 155, Ian.
Photo 156, Ira, Gail, Roni, Betsy, Terra, Owen.
Photo 157, Hat of Jan, Roni, Betsy.
Photo 158, Betsy, Roni, Terra, Gail.
Photo 159, Owen, Ian, Jan, Ira, Betsy.
Photo 160, Part of Ira and Betsy, Roni, Allen, Terra, back of Ian, Gail.
Photo 161, Shoulder of Owen, Gail.
Photo 162, Betsy, Roni, Ira, Terra, Gail.
Photo 163, Owen, Allen, Jan, Ian.
Photo 164, Betsy, Roni, Gail (impression).
Photo 165, Impression: Ian, Ira, Terra, Owen (?)
Photo 166, Jan, Betsy, Roni + hilites from soot after dousing the fire.
Photo 167, Terra, Allen, Ian.
Photo 169, Gail, Ira, Terrs, Allen, Betsy, Ian.
Photo 170, Brian, Kalani, at 3rd St.
Photo 171, Nancy, Kalani.

December 29:
Photo 172, Ira, Owen, at the San Xavier Mission.
Photo 173, Ira, Terra, Roni, Gail, Betsy.
Photo 174, canal + graffiti.
Photo 175, Roni, Betsy.
Photo 176, Owen, Ira, Gail, Roni, Terra.
Photo 177, Terra, Ira, at the ocotillo covered fry bread stands.
Photo 178, Owen, Ira, Terra.
Photo 179, Ira, Owen, + O'Odham tribe symbol.
Photo 180, Owen, Ira, part of Terra.
Photo 181, part of Roni, at the San Xavier cemetery.
Photo 182, Betsy.
Photo 183, Betsy, Roni.
Photo 184, Kirk.
Photo 185, Roni.
Photo 186, Roni, Betsy.
Photo 187, Gail, at the Tucson pow-wow.
Photo 188, Back of Owen, Ira at the Biosphere II, near Oracle.
Photo 189, Owen, back of Ira.
Photo 190, Terra, meditating as a turtle.
Photo 191, back of Terra and Roni.
Photo 192, Ira, Owen.
Photo 193, Roni, Terra, Ira.
Photo 194, Ian.
Photo 195, Owen, Ian.
Photo 196, Ian.
Photo 197, Ian, Owen.
Photo 198, Ian, Owen.
Photo 199, Allen.
Photo 200, backs of Betsy, Roni, Owen, Ira.
Photo 201, Ira, Allen, Jan.
Photo 202, Owen, Ira, Ian.
Photo 203, Jan.
Photo 204, Kirk.
Photo 205, Owen, Ian.
Photo 206, Owen, Ian.
Photo 207, Jan.
Photo 208, Allen, Jan, Betsy, Roni, Terra.
Photo 209, Roni, Jan.
Photo 210, Roni, Betsy (no flash).
Photo 211, Roni, Betsy (flash).
Photo 212, Terra, Ira, Ian, Owen.
Photo 213, Allen, Jan, Nancy, Lee, back at 3rd St.
Photo 214, Gail, Kalani, Ian, Terra.
Photo 215, Ira, Roni.
Photo 216, Owen, Kirk.
Photo 217, Alex, Lee.
Photo 218, Ian, Betsy.
Photo 219, Kalani.
Photo 220, Kalani, Nancy.
Photo 221, Ira, Roni.
Photo 222, Kalani, Terra, Gail.
Photo 223, Allen, Jan.
Photo 224, Betsy, Lee, Roni, Jan.
Photo 225, Ira, Jan, Kalani.
Photo 226, Roni, Betsy.

December 30: (fixit day)
Photo 227, Alex, Betsy, Owen and the broken window.
Photo 228, Alex, Kirk, Owen.
Photo 229, part of Lee, Betsy, Owen, Gail, Terra, Ian, Ira.

December 31:
Photo 230, Ira, Alex, at Duquesne.
Photo 231, Ira, Alex.
Photo 232, Ira, Alex.
Photo 233, Alex, Ira.
Photo 234, Ira.
Photo 235, Alex, as conquistador at the Coronado National Memorial. map.
Photo 236, Alex.
Photo 237, Ira.
Photo 238, Alex, Ira.
Photo 239, Alex, Ira.
Photo 240, Alex, Ira.
Photo 241, Alex, Ira.
Photo 242, Ira, Alex.
Photo 243, Owen.
Photo 244, Terra, Roni, Betsy, Owen, at the Coronado Memorial picnic grounds.
Photo 245, Jan, Nancy.
Photo 246, Ira, Alex, Ian, Owen.
Photo 247, Alex, Terra, Ira, Ian, Owen, Betsy.
Photo 248, back of Betsy, Gail, Terra, Nancy, Alex, Ira, Owen.
Photo 250, Gail, Jan.
Photo 251, back of Roni, Gail, Alex, Ian.
Photo 252, Alex, part of Ira, Ian.
Photo 253, Owen, Betsy.
Photo 254, Owen, Alex, Ian, Ira, at Montezuma Pass.
Photo 256, Ira, Alex. The Happy Jack cave is in the canyon to the left of Ira's head.
Photo 257, Terra, Roni, Nancy.
Photo 258, Owen, Jan, Nancy.
Photo 259, Terra, Gail.
Photo 261, Ira, making snowballs.
Photo 262, Ira.
Photo 263, Gail, Alex, Roni.
Photo 264, Ira, Ian.
Photo 265, Ira.
Photo 266, Owen, Ira, at the end of the road.
Photo 267, Alex, Ian, Owen.
Photo 268, Ian.
Photo 269, Terra, part of Owen, Ira, Gail, at the Happy Jack cabin.
Photo 270, Terra, Ira.
Photo 271, Nancy, Ira.
Photo 272, Owen, Alex, Ian, Ira, Terra, at the entrance to the Happy Jack cave.
Photo 273, Ian, Ira.
Photo 274, Owen.
Photo 275, Owen.
Photo 276, Owen.
Photo 277, Jan, part of Owen.
Photo 278, Jan, Nancy, Owen.
Photo 279, Jan, Nancy, Owen.
Photo 281, Alex.
Photo 282, Nancy.
Photo 284, Gail.
Photo 286, Nancy.
Photo 288, Nancy.
Photo 289, Nancy.
Photo 290, cave spider.
Photo 292, Nancy.
Photo 293, Nancy.
Photo 294, Kirk.
Photo 298, Kirk.
Photo 299, Nancy, at the pipe above the Happy Jack cabin that was mentioned in the guide book.
Photo 301, Gail, Roni, Betsy, Nancy, Jan, at the turn-off to the Happy Jack cave.
Photo 302, Ira, cattle.
Photo 303, Alex, Terra, Ira, at Lochiel, AZ, The US border is 10 feet behind the camera.
Photo 304, No Shooting.
Photo 305, Alex, crossing into Mexico.
Photo 306, Alex, sneaking back into the USA.
Photo 307, Ira.
Photo 308, Terra.
Photo 309, Alex.
Photo 310, Ian, Alex, Owen, Ira, Terra.
Photo 311, Alex, and the big country.
Photo 312, The Siamese twins at Washington Camp.
Photo 313, Alex, Ira, at the Happy Miner Inn.
Photo 314, Terra, above the San Rafael valley.
Photo 315, Roni, Owen, Ira, Terra, part of Ian, in Nogales, AZ
Photo 316, Alex, Owen, Ira.
Photo 317, Ira, Roni, Gail, Alex, in Nogales, Sonora.
Photo 318, Gail, and the talavera alligator in the Santa Maria gift shop.
Photo 319, Roni, Lee, back at 3rd St.
Photo 320, Jan.
Photo 321, Betsy.
Photo 322, Jan + alligator.
Photo 323, Jan + alligator.
Photo 324, Allen, Jan, Betsy.
Photo 325, Ira, Ian, Lee.
Photo 326, Terra, Alex, Owen -- puzzlers.

January 1, 2003: hi-res group photos
Photo 327, Lee, Alex, Betsy, Ira, Jan, Owen, Roni, Gail (+ alligator), Terra, Ian (soft focus).
Photo 328, Lee, Alex, Nancy, Betsy, Ira, Jan, Owen, Roni, Gail, Terra, Ian.
Photo 329, Kirk, Lee, Alex, Nancy, Ira, Betsy, Jan, Owen, Roni, Gail, Terra, Ian.
Photo 330, Kirk, Lee, Alex, Nancy, Ira, Betsy, Jan, Owen, Roni, Gail, Terra, Ian (probably the best).
Photo 331, Jan.

Other photos:
School photo of Ian.
School photo of Olivia and Adanne.
Reunion bookmark by Jan.


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