Photos from
Visit by Gail McDonald to Princeton
Dec. 17-18, 2002

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640 x 480 Photos taken with a Canon Powershot A40 digital camera:
Photo 1, Gail in KTM's office.
Photo 2, Gail and Alex near his dorm on Princeton campus.
Photo 3, Alex at the Mamalinda restaurant (Argentinian), W. 52nd St. NYC.
Photo 4, Gail and Kirk in the restaurant.
Photo 5, Gail and Kirk in the restaurant.
Photo 6, Gail and Alex in front of the cerise/net curtain of Hairspray.
Photo 7, Nancy, Alex and Gail in the kitchen at 39 Poe Road.
Photo 8, Gail and Alex: Road Warriors -- as they begin the trek from Princeton to Tucson.


Photos from McDonald/Schaefer Family in London, July 2002. No captions yet.
Photos from Aspen, CO, Jun 2002. The Nikon....s.jpg photos are 640 x 480 reductions of the huge Nikon....jpg photos (taken on Mt Sherman).
Photos from California Visit, Oct. 2000. (Photos 1-6 feature Roni, Kirk, Terra and Ira near Ukiah; photos 7-12 are of rf gear at LBNL.)
Photos from Summer 2000. Photos 1-8 are of Owen's graduation from John Witherspoon Middle School; photos 9-39 are from the Aspen Physics Institute.
Photos from Princeton High School Orchestra Trip to Italy, Feb. 2000.
Photos from My California visits, Nov.-Dec. 1999.
Photos of a morel at 39 Poe Road, May 12, 1999.

The McDonald Family Reunion, Tucson, Dec. '00
Photos of Owen's Middle School graduation, 6/00, and of Alex and Kirk in Aspen, CO, 7/00.
The McDonald/Schaefer Family in Paris, April '98.
The McDonald Family Reunion, Tucson, Dec. '98; includes McDonald family links.
Alex and Kirk in Estes Park, Co.
Owen Schaefer's Home Page.

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