Alex and Kirk McDonald
In Estes Park, Co.

Topo map of trails leading to the Loch.
In 1969(?), Kirk, Bill McNeely and Bruce Winstein hiked a loop trail from Bear Lake, to Dream Lake, on to the Loch, which Bruce swam, then up onto the Continental Divide near Otis Peak, over to Flattop Mountain and back down to Bear Lake (purple route).

In 1991, Alex, Kirk, Owen and several others from the BCD group started from the lower parking lot, hiked past Alberta Falls, then turned south down Glacier Gorge under Long's Peak to Black Lake.

On June 24, 1995, Alex, Kirk, Clem Heusch and Stan Hertzbach made a shorter loop from the lower parking lot, past Alberta Falls, on to the Loch, back over the (snow bound!) traverse to Dream Lake and back to the parking lot (yellow route). We started about 5:30 p.m., and got back at 9 p.m. -- in the dark! We were occasionally up to our knees in snow, and lost the trail near Dream Lake about 8 p.m. Stan was wearing wing-tip shoes; this was his first hike after a recent recovery from knee surgery. We hadn't eaten, brought no food, and Alex got rather hungry. All in all, one of the best hikes ever!
Alex near Alberta Falls.
Alex and Clem Heusch near Alberta Falls.
Kirk and Alex at the Loch.
Alex and Clem Heusch at the Loch. Clem proposed that the Denver Opera stage a performance at this site.
Stan Hertzbach and Alex at the Loch. Bruce Winstein swam from this point across the Loch to the point where the snow bank ends (middle of photo). There was no snow then, but the water was quite chilly! Then, Bill, Kirk and Bruce hiked up the Andrews Creek slope (diagonal line of trees to upper right) to the glacier basin (a hint of this is visible in the previous photo) and up the scree slope (not visible) to the Continental Divide.
Stan Hertzbach, Alex and Clem Heusch near the Loch.
Alex near the Loch.
Alex White, Eva Stroynowski and Alex on the steps of the Stanley Hotel.
Eva Stroynowski, Alex and Alex White at the Stanley Hotel.
Alex near the Stanley Hotel.
Alex and a buck Elk.
Alex in Spruce Canyon.
Ryszard and Eva Stroynowski and Alex on the pack trail to Beaver Meadows.

The McDonald/Schaefer Family in Paris '98.

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