Photos from
Kirk McDonald's Visit to England

April 2006

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Photo 1, Kirk in the stocks at the Crown and Thistle, Abingdon.
Photo 2, Harold Kirk outside the Globe Theatre, London, on April 23 = Shakespeare's birthday. A platoon of Roman soldiers is gathering to greet Cleopatra.
Photo 3, Harold + soldiers.
Photo 4, Jacques Lettry (at far right of the photo).
Photo 6, Jacques and the legion standard bearer, who wears a lion skin.
Photo 7, Jacques + 2nd standard bearer in the bearksin.
Photo 8, Jacques, waiting for Cleopata.
Photo 9, Cleopatra approaches in her "barge".
Photo 10, ditto.
Photo 11, ditto.
Photo 12, ditto
Photo 13, Cleopatra disembarks.
Photo 14, Cleopatra and Jacques, I.
Photo 15, Cleopatra and Jacques, II.
Photo 16, Cleopatra.
Photo 17, Jacques.
Photo 18, Jacques and Harold entering the Globe Theatre. The programme featured recitations of lines of Shakespeare by members of the audience...
Photo 19, Harold and Jacques at the Tate Modern in the "Embankment" sculpture by Rachael Whiteread.
Photo 21, Harold in the "Embankment".
Photo 22, Harold + living sculpture outside the Tate Modern.
Photo 23, Harold + sculpture.


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