Kirk McDonald Visits the Bula-Bartz Family

Lostorf, Switzerland, 20-21 Sept. 2003

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20 Sept 2003, Lostorf:
Photo 1, Lutz Bartz at a midwife hostel on Milchgasse, Aarau. See for maps of Switzerland.
Photo 2, Linda Bula, with her new glasses, in Aarau.
Photo 3, Lutz, Linda, Kirk McDonald, on the Jura ridge just north of Aarau.
Photo 4, Lutz, Linda, Kirk.
Photo 5, Linda.
Photo 6, Linda.
Photo 7, Lutz, Christian Bula.
Photo 8, Lutz, Christian.
Photo 9, Linda.
Photo 10, Kirk.
Photo 11, Christian.
Photo 12, Linda.
Photo 13, Linda, Christian, Lutz.
Photo 14, Silke Bula-Bartz on the veranda of her house, 18 Hohenweg, Lostorf.
Photo 15, Christian, Oskar, Carmen and Roland Biedermann,
Photo 16, Gesine and Lutz Bartz.
Photo 17, Linda (part), Valentin, Larissa, Helen Biedermann, Silke.
Photo 18, Ramona, Larissa, Linda, Silke.

21 Sept, the Aareschlucht:
Photo 19, Christian.
Photo 20, Silke, Christian.
Photo 21, Lutz, Linda, Gesine (soft focus).
Photo 22, Gesine, Christian, Lutz, in Hergiswil, just south of Luzern.
Photo 23, Christian, with the Vierwaldstätter See in back.
Photo 24, Christian, in the tunnel leading to the Aareschlucht.
Photo 25, Linda.
Photo 26, Linda, Silke.
Photo 27, Silke, Christian.
Photo 28, Christian.
Photo 29, Christian, Silke.
Photo 30, Linda, Christian.
Photo 31, Linda.
Photo 32, Linda + waterfall.
Photo 33, Linda, Christian, Silke.
Photo 34, Lutz, Gesine, Linda.
Photo 35, Gesine, Lutz, Linda.
Photo 36, Lutz, Christian, Linda, Silke, Gesine.
Photo 37, Linda, on the footbridge at the east end of the Aare gorge.
Photo 38, Kirk.
Photo 39, Silke, as Aarelorelei.
Photo 40, Linda, with the Tazzelwurm.

Photo 41, Silke.
Photo 42, Kirk, Silke.

Photos by Christian and Linda:
Photo 1, Lutz, Linda, Kirk, in the Jura, 20 Sep.
Photo 2, Lutz, Christian, Kirk.
Photo 3, Looking south towards Aarau.
Photo 4, Lutz, Christian, Kirk.
Photo 5, Kirk.
Photo 6, Linda, Kirk, Silke, in the Aareschlucht, 21 Sep.
Photo7, Silke, Kirk, Linda.
Photo 8, Kirk.
Photo 9, Linda, Silke; in back, Kirk.
Photo 10, Silke.
Photo 11, Kirk.
Photo 12, Linda, Silke, Kirk.
Photo 13, Christian, Silke, Kirk (+ other tourists).
Photo 14, Lutz, Gesine, Linda.
Photo 15, the Aare gorge from the north footbridge.
Photo 16, Kirk, Linda, Lutz.
Photo 17, Linda, Gesine, Lutz, Kirk.
Photo 18, Kirk.
Photo 19, Linda, Lutz.


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