Trip to Kyoto, May 2010

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Nancy with a Maple bonsai and the Kyoto Botanical Garden.
Kirk + bonsai.
Nancy at the Kamigamo temple.
View from our window at the Rikiya Ryokan.
Giant Buddha at the Ryozen Kannon war memorial across the street from the Rikiya ryokan.
Kirk at the Sanjusangendo temple (longest wooden building in Japan).
Garden at the Sanjusangendo temple.
Heron at the Sanjusangendo temple.
Nancy + heron.
Nancy + heron.
Nancy + heron.
Nancy + heron.
Nancy in an orange archway at Fushimi-Inari. Compare with Christos' arches in Central Park, Feb. 2005.
Kirk and the fox prayer tokens at Fushimi-Inari.
Bengaraya Restaurant, Fushimi.
Gekkeikan Sake Museum, Fushimi.
Dogs in Fushimi.
Byodoin Temple, Uji.
Nishijin Textile Center.
Indigo cloth from the Aizenkobo shop.
The Aizenkobo shop.
Goneitei Garden at the Imperial Palace.
Food display on the road to the Kiyomizu-dera temple.
Food display.
Food display.
Ne Ne street.
Ne Ne street.
Ne Ne street.
Roku Roku Dou pottery shop.
Nancy at a fan shop.
Fan shop.
Sacred spring at the Kiyomizu-Dera Temple.
Sacred spring.
A city garden.
Nancy and a kiln at the Kawai Kanjiro Museum.
Nancy and another kiln.
Nancy and yet another kiln.
Nancy at the Kanjiro museum.
Nancy at the Kanjiro museum.
Sake barrel breaking at the banquet for IPAC10.
Drummers at the IPAC10 banquet.
Kirk by a rice paddy at Ohara.
Nancy at Ohara.
Forest at Ohara.
Small shrine at Ohara.
Kirk at Ohara.
"Silent" Waterfall.
Nancy in the Sanzen-in temple in Ohara.
Gion Konishi Gallery.
At the Masa Gallery.
Kirk and Nancy at the Masa Gallery.
At the Shirakawa Gallery.
Heron in Gion.
Nancy, lunch along the Kamo river.
Yuba dinner at Kyo-Ine in Arasuyama.
Nancy at the Rikiya ryokan.
View out the south window at the Rikiya ryokan.
Our room at the Rikiya ryokan.
Our room.
Our room.
Our room.
View from our room.
Hashimoto Kansetsu Garden.
Nancy at the Ginkaku-ji Temple.


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