Princeton University
Physics Department
Picnic, May 19, 1998

Photos 1-59 are JPEG files at 640 x 480 resolution, about 50kB; photos 60-75 are at 1024 x 768, about 160kB.
Please send names of unidentified people to Kirk McDonald at x6608 or, along with corrections, comments etc.
Photo 1, Michele Norman, Lyman Page and David Huse.
Photo 2, Rick Fernholz, Dave Etherton and Frank Calaprice.
Photo 3, Amir Razzaghi, Bill Sands and Alan Nelson; in back: Suzanne Staggs, David Huse, Michele Norman.
Photo 4, Raymond and Connie Fernholz.
Photo 5, Steve Thorsett and Suzanne Staggs.
Photo 6 Ted Strong and Owen Schaefer.
Photo 7, Bob Matthews.
Photo 8, Victor Bearg.
Photo 9, Suzanne Staggs and Curt Callan.
Photo 10, Pat Barwick and Lois Thomsen.
Photo 11, Sherry White and Nancy Schaefer.
Photo 12, Fred Loeser and Gary Chehames; in back: John Washington.
Photo 13, Stew Smith and Yitzak Sharon.
Photo 14, John Washington and Charles Staloff.
Photo 15, Stew Smith, Will Happer and Gary Chehames.
Photo 16, Jake and Nick Prebys, Andrew B.
Photo 17, Jake, Lucky and Debbie Prebys.
Photo 18, Dirk Hundertmark, Angela Weiss and Paola Trevisan.
Photo 19, David Nice and Mark Chen; in back: Carlton White.
Photo 20, Rubby Sherr, Mark Chen and Fred Loeser.
Photo 21, David and Julia Huse and Odile Belmont.
Photo 22, Julia Huse, Odile Belmont and Duncan Haldane.
Photo 23, Curt Callan and Konstantin Savvidi; in back: Donald Bridges, Pat Barwick, Mark Chen.
Photo 24, Al and Dolores Dietrich; in back: Kathy Patterson.
Photo 25, Rick Fernholz, Warren and Kathy Warren and Cristal Fernholz; in back: Curt Callan and Denise Applewhite.
Photo 26, Norma Smith and Alison Peebles; in back: Lois Thomsen.
Photo 27, Nadia Azmy, Larry and Pat Barwick.
Photo 28, Donald and Arianna Bridges and Elaine Remillard; above: Yitzak Sharon.
Photo 29, Donald (half) and Arianna Bridges, Elaine Remillard and Cynthia Murphy.
Photo 30, Mother and Christos Leonidopoulos; in back: Pat Barwick, Les Varga.
Photo 31, Gary and Mrs. Chehames; in back: Christos Leonidopoulos, Stan Chidzik, Yitzak Sharon (part).
Photo 32, Paul Botos and George Reynolds; in back: Susan and Scout Dawson, Liz Pretty.
Photo 33, Mrs. and Paul Botos.
Photo 34, Susan Dawson, Glenn Atkinson and Michele Norman.
Photo 35, Les and Alice Varga and Harley Pretty.
Photo 36, Jane and Ed Groth, Lorraine and Sam Nelson; in back: Jim Peebles.
Photo 37, Denise Applewhite and son, Stefan, Rosalie and Charles Staloff.
Photo 38, Tamara Granberry, Sam and Lorraine Nelson, Juanita Schanck, Sherry White and hand of Marcey DeSouza.
Photo 39, Sherry White, DeRon and Marcey DeSouza.
Photo 40, Rubby Sherr and Frank Calaprice.
Photo 41, Jenny Pretty, Jason Seldon and Sarah Chidzik.
Photo 42, Handy Seldon, Dwight Rodgers, Julie Warren and Simone Seldon.
Photo 43, Ted Strong, Adam Freidin and Chelsey White.
Photo 44, Kids filling water guns.
Photo 45, ? and Gordon Cates; in back: Harley Pretty.
Photo 46, Steve Gubser and Eric Torbet.
Photo 47, Anna Ruzmaikaina; in back: Cynthia Murphy.
Photo 48, Jackie (part), Claudine and John Washington.
Photo 49, Kathy Warren, Tamara Granberry, Olgica Bakajin, Steve Gubser and Lois Thomsen.
Photo 50, Kirk McDonald and Nancy Schaefer.
Photo 51, Nick Darnton, Olgica Bakajin, ? and Konstantin Savvidi.
Photo 52, Trey, Michael and Michael, Jr. Kelly.
Photo 53, Debbie Prebys and Jacqueline S.
Photo 54, Pat Barwick, Elaine Remillard and Amir Razzaghi.
Photo 55, Stan Chidzik.
Photo 56, Kathryn Moler, Phuan Ong and Krishana Kapeeleshwar.
Photo 57, Elizabeth and Peter Meyers, Krishna and Raja Kumar; in back: Claudine Washington and Michael Kelly.
Photo 58, Krishna and Raja Kumar, and Faith Conant; in back: Ted Strong.
Photo 59, Michael Warren, Dwight Rodgers and Julie Warren.
Photo 60, Chelsey, Sherry and Danielle White and Marcey DeSouza .
Photo 61, Laura Thorsett, Rachel Dewey, Marian Wentworth, Prairie Wentworth-Nice, Dave Nice, and Steve Thorsett.
Photo 62, Laura Cadonati, Tina Pavlin, F.V., Nick Darnton, Amir Razagghi (part); in back: Stew Smith, Lyman Page, Jane Groth, Pierluigi Contucci, Konstantin Savvidi (back).
Photo 63, Adam Freidin and Alex McDonald; in back; Susan Dawson, Bill Sands, Lois Thomsen, Stan Chidzik (back), Laura Cadonati.
Photo 64, Sarah Chidzik, Michael Warren, Michael Fuchsloch, Sonya Fuchsloch, Caroline and Christiana Pastore.
Photo 65, Sanjaye Ramgoolam, Edna Cheung and Morten Kloster.
Photo 66, John and Dana Fuchsloch, Kathy Patterson and Tamara Granberry.
Photo 67, John and Dana Fuchsloch, Kathy Patterson, Tamara Granberry and Lakisha Fiddemon.
Photo 68, Lois Thomsen, Susan Dawson and Kathy Warren.
Photo 69, Kathy Warren, Bill Sands, Dana (in back) and John Fuchsloch and Elaine Remillard.
Photo 70, Lyman Page, Stew Smith (part), ?, Stew's dog, (The) Donald Bridges, and Elizabeth Olson.
Photo 71, Richard Fernholz, Lyman Page and Elizabeth Olson.
Photo 72, Stew Smith, heads of Bill Sands and Kathy Warren, Ed and Jane Groth and Elaine Remillard (part).
Photo 73, Bertha Eide (mother of Lois Thomsen).
Photo 74, Tina Pavlin, Konstanin Savvidi and Pierluigi Contucci.
Photo 75, F. and E. V., Rachel Dewey, Steve and Laura Thorsett; in back: Stan and Sarah Chidzik.

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