XVIII Physics in Collision
Frascati, Italy
June 17-19, 1998

Photos 1-42 are JPEG files at 640 x 480 resolution, about 50kB each.
Please send names of unidentified people to Kirk McDonald at mcdonald@puphep.princeton.edu, along with corrections, comments, etc.

Photo 1, The KLOE detector endcaps. Bill Ford + others.
Photo 2, David J. Miller, Franz Eisele.
Photo 3, Myron Campbell, Olaf Behnke, David Cinabro, Peter Goettlicher, David H. Miller.
Photo 4, names needed here.
Photo 5, Enrice Fiore, Rossana Morani.
Photo 6 At the entrance to the Casale Marchese, Bill Ford + many others.
Photo 7, Paolo Strolin.
Photo 8, Morris Swartz, Myron Campbell in front of the cauldron of pasta fagioli.
Photo 9, Charles Young, Jeff Appel, Laurie Littenberg, Alexander Akopian.
Photo 10, Roman Mizuk.
Photo 11, Su Dong.
Photo 12, Fernando Simao.
Photo 13, Peter Goettlicher and Olaf Behnke.
Photo 14, Gianluigi Boca and Angel Lopez.
Photo 15, names please.
Photo 16, Alexander Akopian + ... descend on the bruscetta; in back: Jeff Appel + ...
Photo 17, ..., Dave Cinabro, Olaf Behnke.
Photo 18, Sally and Marty Olsson.
Photo 19, Franco Fabbri.
Photo 20, David H. Miller + ....
Photo 21, Gianluigi Boca, Stefano Bianco + ...
Photo 22, ..?.. among the olive trees of the Casala Marchese.
Photo 23, Mario Calvetti, Nando Ferroni + .. at the Villa Aldobrandini..
Photo 24, ..., in back: Dave Cinabro, Peter Goettlicher.
Photo 25, Rosanna Cester.
Photo 26, Myron Campbell, Jianming Qian, Jeff Appel, Su Dong, Paolo Strolin, Franco Fabbri.
Photo 27, Dave Hedin, ..., Peter Goettlicher, Olaf Behnke.
Photo 28, Nando Ferroni, Mario Calvetti.
Photo 29, ..., Franco Fabbri.
Photo 30, Rosanna Cester, Jeff Appel.
Photo 31, A spectacular presentation at the ristorante Al Fico.
Photo 32, names needed.
Photo 33, Franco Fabbri e il troubadori.
Photo 34, names please.
Photo 35, The time of singing `happy birthday'.
Photo 36, Another `birthday': Jim Wiss. the `birthday boy', Lynn Garren, (?) Franz Eisele.
Photo 37, The party goes on.
Photo 38, ... and on.
Photo 39, and on.
Photo 40, It's getting late, but the troubadori sing on.
Photo 41, Angel Lopez, Harry Cheung, Fernando Simao.
Photo 42, 1 a.m.: the last hurrah!

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