Muon Collider Collaboration Meeting
JPEG Photo Album
May 20-26, 1999, Tamarind Reef Inn, St. Croix

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Photos by Sylvia Kirk.

JPEG images collected with an Epson PhotoPC600 digital camera at 640x480 resolution.

May 19:
Photo 1, Weishi Wan, Judy Teng, Allison Wan, at the Christiansted airport.
Photo 2, Weishi Wan; in back: John and Ian Johnstone.
Photo 4, Panagiotis Spentzouris, Dave Finley at a dockside bar in Christiansted.

May 20: at the Deep End Bar of the Tamarind Reef Hotel
Photo 5, Bruno Autin, Alex Bogacz, Muzaffer Atac; in back: Carol Johnstone.
Photo 6, Pam Burris, Maria Holtkamp, Sylvia Kirk: in back: Allen Caldwell, Irina and Alex Pischalnikov.
Photo 7, Sylvia Kirk, Sandi Admas, Ruth Fernow; in back: Alex Bogacz.
Photo 8, Irina and Alex Pischalnikov.
Photo 9, Judy Teng + Allison.
Photo 10, Ian and David Johnstone; in back: Pam Burris, Sandi Adams, Ruth Fernow.

In the Tamarind Reef Conference Center:
Photo 11, King Ng, Al Moretti; in back: Jim Norem, Bruce King, Dave Neuffer, Scott Berg, Vincent Wu, Jonathan Wurtele, ...
Photo 12, Ahmed Hassanein, Yehia Eyssa; in back: Norbert Holtkamp, Alex Bogacz, Jonathan Wurtele, Rick Fernow, Dan Kaplan, Nikolai Mokhov, Valerie Balbelkov, ....
Photo 13, Jim Norem, Nikolai Mokhov; in back: Mike Booke, Tyrone Roach, Kathleen Tuohy, Mark Wilson, ...
Photo 14, John Haines
Photo 15, Milorad Popovic; in back: Carol Johnstone
Photo 16, Dave Finley, Norbert Holtkamp; in back: Andy Sessler, Milorad Popovic, Jim Norem, ...

May 21:
Photo 17, Dave Wilcox on the square in front of the King Christian Hotel.
Photo 18, Vic Mason.
Photo 19, Ahmed Hassanein, John Haines on the porch of the Tamarind Reef Conference Center.
Photo 20, Juan Gallardo; in back: Mark Wilson, Dave Wilcox, ..., Iukui Stumer.
Photo 21, Milorad Popovic.
Photo 22, Alvin Tollestrup.
Photo 23, Bruce King, Spentz, ...
Photo 24, Bruno Autin, Jim Norem; in reflection: King Ng, Derun Li.
Photo 25, Greg Penn, Jonathan Wurtele.
Photo 26, Derun Li, King Ng.
Photo 27, King Ng, Derun Li; in back: Juan Gallardo, Bruce King, Spentz, Allen Caldwell, ...
Photo 28, Iuliu Stumer, Nikolai Mokhov.
Photo 29, Iuliu Stumer, Nikolai Mokhov.
Photo 30, Yuriy Pischalnikov; in back: Andy Sessler, Bruce King, Paul Lebrun, Rajendran Raja, ...
Photo 31, Dan Kaplan, Paul Lebrun, Ahmed Hassanein, Bob Weggel, Jim Norem; how many physicists does it take to change a light bulb?
Photo 32, Yehia Eyssa, Ahmed Hassanein; in back: ..., Scott Berg, Rick Fernow, Vic Mason, ...
Photo 33, Juan Gallardo, Liz Buckley-Geer.
Photo 34, Mark Wilson.
Photo 35, Bob Weggel; in back: ..., Don Summers, Vic Mason, Andy Sessler, Steve Kahn,
Photo 36, Vic Mason, Andy Sessler.
Photo 37, Valerie Balbekov; in back: Scott Berg.
Photo 38, Weiren Chou; in back: Don Summers.
Photo 39, Nikolai Mokhov, Rick Fernow, ...
Photo 40, Liz Buckley-Geer, Steve Geer.
Photo 41, Alex Bogacz; in back: Norbert Holtkamp, Rick Fernow, Dan Kaplan, ...
Photo 42, Harold Kirk, Yehia Eyssa at the cocktail party at the Deep End Bar.
Photo 43, Juan Gallardo, Pam Burris, Sylvia and Harold Kirk.
Photo 44, Sandra Wilcos, Rick and Ruth Fernow; in back: Dan Kaplan, Jonathan Wurtele, Greg Penn, ...
Photo 45, King Ng, Vincent Wu, Zubao Qian; in back: Liliana Popovich, Francoise Autin.
Photo 46, Audrey and Dave Carey, Milorad Popovic, Francoise Autin.
Photo 47, Milorad and Liliana Popovic (+ Dave and Audrey Carey).
Photo 48, Faye Bomberg, Longjing He, Yongxiang Zhao (+ shoulder of Dave Wilcox).
Photo 49, Scott Berg.
Photo 50, Ayfer and Muzaffer Atac.
Photo 51, Kirk McDonald; in back: Alvin Tollestrup.
Photo 52, Paul Lebrun, Liz Buckley-Geer; in back: Andy Sessler, Bruce King.
Photo 53, Francoise and Bruno Autin, Andy Sessler, Sandi Adams; in back: Jim Norem.
Photo 54, Francoise and Bruno Autin.
Photo 55, Andy Sessler, Sandi Adams; in back: Norbert Holtkamp.
Photo 56, Dave Finley, Spentz, Bruce King.
Photo 57, Bruce King, Norbert and Maria Holtkamp; in back: Jim Norem, Dave Neuffer.
Photo 58, Kirk McDonald; in back: Dave Neuffer.
Photo 59, Valerie Balbekov, Nikolai Mokhov.
Photo 60, Eun-San Kim, Jonathan Wurtele.
Photo 61, Ayfer and Muzaffer Atac.
Photo 62, Liz Buckley-Geer, Steve Geer, Allen Caldwell.
Photo 63, Al Moretti, Bob Weggel.
Photo 64, Audrey and Dave Carey, Milorad Popovic.
Photo 65, Rajendran Raja, Dave Cline, SeLitha Raja; in back: Scott Berg, Carol Johnstone, Al Moretti, Bob Weggel, Janine and Alvin Tollestrup.
Photo 66, John Johnstone, Scott Berg, Carol Johnstone; parts of Al Moretti, Bob Weggel; in back: Ying Zhou, King Ng, Vincent Wu, Derun Li, Dave and Audrey Carey, Milorad and Liliana Popovic.
Photo 67, Don Summers, Mike Booke.
Photo 68, Derun Li, Ying Zhou, (heads of Vincent Wu and King Ng); in back: Al Moretti, Bob Weggel, Scott Berg, John Johnstone, SeLitha Raja, Dave Cline, Raja, Mike Booke, Harold Kirk, Mark Wilson, Don Summers.
Photo 69, Dan Kaplan, Faye Bomberg; in back: Dave and Audrey Carey, Milorad and Liliana Popovic.
Photo 70, Pat Tuttle, Ahmed Hassanein.
Photo 71, Pam Burris, Sylvia Kirk.
Photo 72, Kathleen Tuohy, Mr Pelton, the owner of the Tamarind Reef Hotel. He is a retired geophysicist, who ran a company that uses sonar techniques to prospect for oil.
Photo 73, Mr and Marcy Pelton.
Photo 74, Steve Geer, Bob Palmer; in back: Janine Tollestrup.
Photo 75, Norbert Holtkamp, Alvin Tollestrup; in back: Janine Tollestrup.
Photo 76, Spentz, Paul Lebrun, Bruce King.
Photo 77, Bob Weggel in the Cruzan rum punch line.
Photo 78, Al Morreti steps up for more.
Photo 79, Yongxiang Zhao, Dave and Sanda Wilcox; in back: Mike Booke(?), Dan Kaplan.
Photo 80, Part of Sylvia Kirk, Dave Norem, Pat Tuttle, Kirk McDonald
Photo 81, Part of Janine Tollestrup, Ruth Fernow, Juan Gallardo, Pam Burris, part of Sylvia Kirk.
Photo 82, Dan Kaplan, Faye Bomberg; in back; Audrey Carey, Yehhia Eyssa, Ahmed Hassanein.
Photo 83, Photoduel with Sylvia Kirk (+ head of Dan Kaplan); in back; Liliana Popovic, King Ng, Vincent Wu, Derun Li, Ying Zhou.
Photo 84, Carol Johnstone with Allison Wan; in back: Kathleen Tuohy, Maria Holtkamp (+ arm of Bob Weggel).
Photo 85, (Head of Bob Weggel), Maria Holtkamp, Kathleen Tuohy; in back; Andy Sessler, Harold Kirk, ...
Photo 86, Dave Cline; in back: Audrey Carey, Milorad and Liliana Popovic, King Ng, Derun Li, Al Moretti.
Photo 87, Allen Caldwell, Bob Weggel, Steve Kahn.
Photo 88, Jonathan Wurtele.
Photo 89, Kathleen Tuohy in the ruins outside the No Name Restaurant.

May 22:
Photo 90, Weiren Chou, John Haines.
Photo 91, Tim Morrison.
Photo 92, Norbert Holtkamp, Steve Geer at Indies Restaurant, + Rick & Ruth Fernow, ...
Photo 93, Bruce King, Raja, Dave Neuffer.
Photo 94, X, Derun Li.
Photo 95, Harold and Sylvia Kirk.
Photo 96, Alvin Tollestrup and Sandi Adams(?).
Photo 97, Andy Sessler, Ruth and Rick Fernow, Janine Tollestrup.
Photo 98, Derun Li, Bruce King, Dave Neuffer.
Photo 99, Bruno Autin, Juan Gallardo, Pam Burris.
Photo 100, Muzaffer Atac, Rajendran and SeLitha Raja, Ayfer Atac.
Photo 101, Andy Sessler, backs of Ruth and Rick Fernow, Norbert Holtkamp, Steve Geer, Sylvia Kirk(?).
Photo 102, Bruno and Francoise Autin.
Photo 103, Steve Geer, Liz Buckley-Geer, Sylvia and Harold Kirk; in back; Ying Zhou, arm of Derun Li.
Photo 104, Don Summers in the pool of the King Christian Hotel.
Photo 105, Mike Booke.

May 23:
Photo 106, Longjing He, Yongxiang Zhao on the dock in Christiansted, waiting for the Buck Island excursion.
Photo 107, Faye Bomberg, Dan Kaplan.
Photo 108, part of Dan Kaplan, Dave and Sanda Wilcox; in back: Yongxiang Zhao.
Photo 109, Allen Caldwell, Spentz.
Photo 110, Longjing He, Mike Booke; in back: Sandra Wilcox, Spentz, Allen Caldwell.
Photo 111, Don Summers, Longjing He; in back: Faye Bomberg, Dan Kaplan, Dave and Sandra Wilcox, Spentz, Allen Caldwell.
Photo 112, Spentz, Rick Fernow, Paul Lebrun, ..., on board the Betty Ann.
Photo 113, Dave Wilcox, Kathleen Tuohy, (backs of Longjing He, Faye Bomberg), Dan Kaplan, ...
Photo 114, Don Summers, X, at the Buck Island Underwater National Park.
Photo 115, Stan Wojcicki.
Photo 116, Paul Lebrun, masked.
Photo 117, Paul Lebrun, unmasked.
Photo 118, Dan Kaplan, Faye Bomberg.
Photo 119, Our Lady of the Seven Tidepools: Kathleen Tuohy.
Photo 120, Dave Carey.
Photo 121, Andy Sessler, Kathleen Tuohy.
Photo 122, Spentz.
Photo 123, Mike Booke, Paul Lebrun, Spentz, Sandi Adams, Andy Sessler, Allen Caldwell, Carol and John Johnstone.
Photo 124, Don Summers, Muzaffer Atac(?).
Photo 125, Ayfer and Muzaffer Atac, Stan Wojcicki(?), Irma Padamsee, Audrey Carey, Hasan Padamsee.
Photo 126, Sylvia and Harold Kirk on the Buck Island beach.
Photo 127, Mark Wilson, John Haines.
Photo 128, Kirk McDonald.
Photo 129, Shirley and Mike Green.
Photo 130, Zubao Qian, King Ng, Eun-San Kim
Photo 131, Paul Lebrun, Jim Norem.
Photo 132, Dave Zapata Neuffer.
Photo 133 Yasuo Fukui; in back: Maria and Norbert Holtkamp.
Photo 134, Yasuo Fukui, Maria and Norbert Holtkamp.
Photo 135, Weiren Chou + companion(?).
Photo 136, Hasan and Irma Padamsee.
Photo 137, Alex and Yuriy Pischalnikov, Ian Johnstone.
Photo 138, Rajendran and SeLitha Raja with conch shell.
Photo 139, Ying Zhou, Derun Li.
Photo 140, Kirk McDonald, Derun Li.
Photo 141, Juan Gallardo, Pam Burris, Andy Sessler, Sandi Adams.
Photo 142, Yongxiang Zhao, Longjing He.
Photo 143, Nikolai Mokhov, Bruno Autin, Alex Bogacz.
Photo 144, Steve Geer, Liz Buckley-Geer.
Photo 145, Greg Penn, Bob Weggel, Steve Kahn.
Photo 146, Dan Kaplan.
Photo 147, Spentz, Allen Caldwell.
Photo 148, Bruce King.
Photo 149, Pelican, Vincent Wu.
Photo 150, Vincent Wu.
Photo 151, Pelican.
Photo 152, Faye Bomberg sells sea shells by the seashore.
Photo 153, The Milemark and the Muon Collider.
Photo 154, Audrey Carey, head of Dan Kaplan, Hasan Padamsee, Ayfer and Muzaffer Atac, Irma Padamsee, John and Carol Johnstone, Spentz, Andy Sessler at the dock of the Tamarind Reef Inn.
Photo 155, Longjing He, Yongxiang Zhao in Christiansted.

May 25:
Photo 156, Bob Duffin at BNL.


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