Muon Collider RF and Targetry Meeting
LBL, Feb. 18-20, 1999

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JPEG images collected with an Epson PhotoPC600 digital camera.
Perry Wilson, Roger Miller (SLAC).
Vince LoDestro (BNL).
Norbert Holtkamp, David Wilcox (EEV).
John Ashton (EEV), Jean Paul Ichac (Thomson).
Bob MacGill, John Corlett.
Al Moretti, Guy Cleric (Thomson).
John Corlett + 805-MHz low-power test cavity.
Low-power test cavity + Be window.
Low-power test cavity.
Low-power test cavity.
Bob MacGill, Michael Booke, Don Summers.
Derun Li, in back: Neal Hartmann.
Bob Rimmer, Harold Kirk.
Neil Hartmann, Eric Woo.
Bevilac 70-MHz RF.
Bevilac 70-MHz RF.
Bevilac 70-MHz RF.
Colin Johnson, Harold Kirk.
Guy Cleric, Jean Paul Ichac.
Jonathan Wurtele, in back: Brad Shadwick.
Bob Palmer, Max Zolotorev.
Name please.
Yongxiang Zhao.

RF and Targetry Meeting, LBNL, Feb. 18-20, 1999, 1024 x 768 photos by Derun Li:
Al Moretti, Perry Wilson.
Al Moretti, Harold Kirk.
Bob MacGill, Mike Booke, Don Summers.
Glen Lamberston.
John Corlett, Rober Miller.
Kirk McDonald, Harold Kirk.
Harold Kirk, Rober Miller, John Corlett, Norbert Holtkamp, Al Moretti.
Bob Palmer, Harold Kirk, Steve Geer, Don Summers, in back: Guy Cleric, John Ashton, Jean Paul Ichac.
Norbert Holtkamp, Harold Kirk, in back: Eric Woo.
Norbert Holtkamp, Bob Palmer, Steve Geer, in back: Jean Paul Ichac, John Ashton.
..., Yongxiang Zhao, in back: ... Perry Wilson.

More photos can be found on the Targetry Page.


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