Photos from
Kirk McDonald's Trip to Greece & Berlin

May 18-29, 2004

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Photos taken with a Canon Powershot A40 digital camera:

E-mail addresses for people visited in Greece:
Christina Lekka:
Georgios Manos:
Giorgos Evangelakis:
Nick Simos:
Norbert Krutzik:
Vitalii Gasanenko:
Volodymyr Krytskyy:

Greece, May 18:
Photo 1, Stavros Melissinos, poet and sandalmaker. Notes on other Melissinoi.
Photo 2, The old location of Melissinos' sandal shop, 89 Pandroussou Street, Plaka, Athens. He is now at 2 Aghias Theklas Street, around the corner from the Monastiraki Metro station.
Note: When taking the E95 bus into central Athens from the Venizelos airport, it may be quicker to get off at the Ethniki Amyna stop and take the Metro the rest of the way. Since this stop is not well identified for the novice, note that the E94 bus terminates at Ethniki Amyna. The bus ticket is also valid on the Metro.
May 19:
Photo 3, Stavros Melissinos & wife, Kirk.
Photo 4, Volodymyr Krytskyy, Vitalii Gasanenko on the Rion-Antirion ferry. In back, the Rion-Antirion suspension bridge.
Photo 5, Nick Simos.
Photo 6, Nick, Mikolai Kononenko, Norbert Krutzik, Volodymyr, Vitalii.
Photo 11, Nick, Norbert, Mikolai, Volodymyr, Vitalii, at the Amvrakia Restaurant in Amfilochia.
Photo 12, Kirk, Norbert, Mikolai, Volodymyr, Vitalii.
Photo 13, Nick, at the gas station in Amfilochia.
May 20:
Photo 14, Nick, Norbert, Giorgos Evangelakis, in the Estiatorio Nikos Tsoumanis (26530 42984, Fax 26530 41532), Papigo, Zagori, Greece (also written Papingo). Papigo is one of the villages that comprise the Zagorochoria.
Photo 15, Giorgos, Nick, outside the Hotel Nikos (looking east from Papigo).
Photo 16, Nick, Norbert (looking south from Papigo towards the Astraka cliffs).
Photo 17, Kirk, Norbert.
Photo 18, Nick, Giorgos, outside my room at the Hotel Nikos.
Photo 19, Nick, Giorgos (+ Ukranian newspaper).
Photo 20, Mikolai, Vitalii, Nick, Giorgos, at the one-lane bridge across the Voidomatis river below Papigo.
Photo 21, Kirk, Vitalii. In back, the clear water of the Voidomatis river in the Vikos canyon -- so clear it's almost invisible...
Photo 22, Kirk.
Photo 23, Nick.
Photo 24, Giorgos, Nick, part of Vitalii, Mikolai, Volodymyr.
Photo 26, Volodymyr, skipping stones.
Photo 27, Mikolai.
Photo 28, Mikolai.
Photo 29, Kirk.
Photo 30, Volodymyr, Norbert, Vitalii, in Aristi. The serpentine path up from the Vikos Canyon to Papigo is visible behind.
Photo 31, Mikolai, Volodymyr, Norbert, Vitalii.
Photo 32, Kirk, Volodymyr, Vitalii, Norbert.
Photo 33, Vitalii, Nick, Mikolai, Volodymyr.
Photo 34, Mikolai at the stone bridge at the entrance to the Vikos Canyon near Klidonia.
Photo 35, Kirk.
Photo 36, Giorgos, Mikolai, Nick, Volodymyr.
Photo 37, Mikolai, Nick, Norbert, Volodymyr.
Photo 38, Nick, Kirk. Behind: the Vikos Canyon.
Photo 39, Kirk, Mikolai, Volodymyr. Behind: some of the distant mountains are in Albania.
Photo 42, Norbert, Nick on the cellphone.
Photo 44, Vitalii, Volodymyr, Giorgos at the restaurant next to No Limits Rafting, near Klidonia.
Photo 49, Volodymyr and the goose.
Photo 50, Nick, Norbert, geese.
Photo 51, Nick, geese.
Photo 52, Nick, Mikolai in the courtyard of the restaurant.
Photo 53, Nick, on the Aoos bridge near Konitsa. Konitsa home page.
Photo 54, Kirk. Behind: the Aoos canyon and Gamila peak.
Photo 55, Nick, Kostas the Epistatis, and his daughter. Kostas worked at the high school that Nick attended in Konitsa.
Photo 56, Nick, his cousin Kostas Karanikoulis, Sakis Zotos & girlfried, back of Norbert, at a cafe in Konitsa. See photos 120-122 of Kostas' brother in Berlin.
Photo 57, The girlfriend, Norbert, Vitalii, Mikolai, Volodymyr.
Photo 58, Mikolai, Volodymyr, parts of Norbert & Vitalii, Nick, climbing back into the Citroen Jumpy.
Photo 59, Nick, Norbert, Vitalii, Mikolai, Volodymyr, at a cafe in Aristi (midnight).
May 21:
Photo 59a, Norbert (with camera), Volodymyr, Mikolai, Giorgos, Kirk, Nick, after my seminar at the University of Ioannina; host: Prof. Giorgos Evangelakis.
Photo 60, Nick, conducting from the pit at the theater of Dodona.
Photo 61, Nick.
Photo 62, Giorgos, Argyrios Tsolakidis, Nick.
Photo 63, Argyrios, Norbert, Mikolai, Volodymyr, Kirk, Nick Giorgos. Hi-res version.
Photo 64, Vitalii.
Photo 65, Mikolai, Norbert.
Photo 66, Mikolai, poet and thinker.
Photo 67, Kirk.
Photo 70, Volodymyr.
Photo 72, Giorgos, Nick, Mikolai, Argyrios.
Photo 73, Nick, Argyrios, Norbert, Volodymyr.
Photo 74, Norbert, Nick, Mikolai, Volodymyr, Vitalii.
Photo 75, Nick, Norbert, Mikolai.
Photo 76, Giorgos, Nick, Argyrios, Mikolai, Vitalii, Norbert, Volodymyr, at the cafe by the theater of Dodona.
Photo 77, Nick, Giorgos, Norbert, Volodymyr, Mikolai.
Photo 78, X, Christos Kotoloulis (Nick's godfather), Nick, in his home village Drosopigi, one of the Mastorohoria. Drosopigi home page (in Greek).
Photo 79, Nick, outside the cafe/general store Tampouri, run by Christos Kotoloulis.
Photo 80, Nick, Pavlos Kotsinas, another one of the Drosopigiotes.
Photo 81, Christina Lekka, Giorgos, part of Volodymyr, Mikolai, and the broomshovel.
Photo 82, Argyrios, Georgios Manos, drinking Tsipouro.
Photo 83, Harry Manos, Zoë Kotsina (Nick's niece), Mikolai.
Photo 84, Nick and Zoë Simos (Nick's mother).
Photo 85, Nick, Rodoula Patsiotos, Volodymyr, Mikoklai, in the Cafe Patsiotos.
Photo 86, Zoë: Simos. Harry, Argyrios, Georgios.
Photo 87, Mikolai (toasting Nick), part of Volodymyr, Zoë Simos. The Cossack toast: "Budzma, Hey! Piymo, Hey! Giymo, Hey! Hey! Hey!"
Photo 90, Mikolai.
Photo 91, Harry, Zoë Kotsina, Christina, Giorgos, Argyrios, Georgios.
Photo 92, Vitalii, Zoë Simos, Harry, Mikolai, Zoë Kotsina, Christina, Argyrios.
Photo 93, Zoë Kostina, Christina, Giorgos, Argyrios, Georgios.
Photo 95, part of Christos Koutroubinas, back of Georgios, Nick.
Photo 96, Georgios, Christos, Nick.
Photo 97, Christos, back of Georgios, Nick.
Photo 98, Nick, Georgios; in back: Christina, Mikolai, Giorgos.
Photo 99, Zoë Simos, Christina, Mikolai.
Photo 100, Chrysostomos Simos (Nick's cousin), Nick, Steryios Kotsinas.
Photo 101, Georgios, Harry, Zoë Kotsina, Zoë Simos.
Photo 102, Vitalii, Mikolai.
Photo 103, Zoë Kotsina, Stella Kotsina, Steryios and Rodoula Patsiotos, Nick, Zoë Simos.
May 22:
Photo 104, Nick, at the first spring above Mikro Papigo, on the trail to the Astraka lodge
Photo 105, Norbert, Nick, at the third spring.
Photo 106, Nick, at the saddle below the Astraka cliffs of the Tymphe range.
Photo 107, Norbert, at the Astraka "hut" in the saddle. In back: Nick, Georgios.
Photo 108, A mountaineer, Georgios, Nick. Georgios and Nick then hiked over to the Drakolimni of Gamila.
Photo 109, Nick, Georgios, at the Taxiarhes basilica in Mikro Papigo.
Photo 110, Harry, Georgios, Nick.
Photo 111, Mikolai, Nick, at the Hotel Nikos in Papigo. In back: Nick's friend Takis Tsalogianis.
Photo 112, Takis, Mikolai, Nick.
Photo 113, Nick, Ioulia Tsoumanis, proprietress of the Hotel Nikos.
Photo 114, Lena Tsalogianis, in the Cafe Bimpsa.
Photo 115, Nick, at the Hotel Nikos. The Astraka lodge to which we hiked is in the V on the horizon.
Photo 116, Nick, Mikolai, Vitalii, Volodymyr, Norbert: down to business at the Hotel Nikos.
Photo 117, Nick, Mikolai, Vitalii, Volodymyr, Norbert.

Berlin, May 23:
Photo 118, Vinod Bharadwaj, Yuri Batygin, Alexander Mikhailichenko, at DESY Zeuthen.
May 24:
Photo 119, John Sheppard, + gartenzwerge. Zipfel Auf!
Photo 120, Vassilis Karanikoulis (brother of Kostas, photo 56), Andreea, at Taverna Attica, Ofener Straße 15, Berlin-Wedding (near Checkpoint Charlie) [030 45023061].
Photo 121, Mariana, Vassilis, Andreea.
Photo 122, Vassilis, Kirk, Andreea.
May 25:
Photo 123, Ties Behnke, Dieter Walz, Hermann Kolanoski, Yuri Batygin, at the Zeuthen S-Bahn station.
Photo 124, Duncan Scott, Jim Clarke, John Sheppard, Achim Stahl.
Photo 125, Vinod, Gudi Moortgat-Pick, Rainer Pitthan. In back: Thomas Schweizer.
Photo 126, John Sheppard and passengers on the S9 train into Berlin.
Photo 127, Gudi and white asparagus (spargel) at the Alexanderplatz station. [The latter link is to an excellent photo essay: Berlin Mitte, Exploration of an Urban Conversion.]
Photo 128, Roman Pöschl, Kirk, Achim, Peter Schüler, + Marx and Engels. Behind: Palast der Republik, old headquarters of the GDR.
Photo 129, Gudi, Jim, Thomas Lohse, John, Duncan, Hermann, Thomas S..
Photo 130, Thomas L., Yuri Batygin, in the Alte Nationalgalerie on the Museumsinsel, Berlin Mitte.
Photo 133, Kirk, in the loo at the Alte Nationalgalerie.
Photo 2, Kirk, in the courtyard of the Alte Nationalgalerie. In back: the Berliner Dom. Higher res version.


Photos from E-166 Collaboration Meeting, Zeuthen, Germany, May 23-26, 2004.
Photos from 2003 EP Lab Holiday Party, Dec 22, 2003
Photos from BNL E-951 Holdiay Party, Dec 19, 2003.
Photos from 2003 Physics Holiday Party, Dec 18, 2003.
Photos from Rubby Sherr 90th Birthday Celebration, Princeton, Sep 13, 2003. Additional photos by Helen Ju (editor), by Jerry Nolen, and by Bob Pollock.
Photos from High-Power Targetry Workshop, Ronkonkoma, NY, Sep 10-11, 2003.
Photos from WIPP, Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, Carlsbad, NM, Sep 4, 2003.
Photos from Physics Dept. Party, May 13, 2003.
Photos from Dick Rabberman Retirement Party, Jan. 31, 2003.
Photos from 2002 EP Lab Holiday Party.
Photos from 2002 Physics Holdiay Party.
Photos from Curt Callan Symposium, Nov. 17, 2002.
Photos from NuFact'02, London, July 2002. No captions yet. Photos 10n-nnnn_IMG by KTM, photos P70nnnnnm by Osama Yasuda, which are also on his web page with previews. Reception at the Victoria and Albert Musuem, July 1: photos to 101_0105-174, and P7020001-37. Banquet at the Science Musuem, July 5: photos 102-0250 to 103-0385, and P7050020-151.
Photos from Samiosfest, BNL, 16 May 2002.
Photos from Muon Collaboration Meeting, Shelter Island, NY, 9-15 May 2002.
Photos from Heuschfest, Santa Cruz, CA, 6 May 2002.
Photos from NNN02, CERN, 16-18 Jan 2002.
Photos from 2001 EP Lab Holiday Party.
Photos from 2001 Physics Holdiay Party.
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Photos from Picnic at the Barber-Meyers, Aug. 6, 2001.
Photos from Snowmass'01, July, 2001.
Photos from NuFACT'01, Tsukuba, Japan, May 23-30, 2001.
Photos from 2000 Physics Holiday party.
Photos from California Visit, Oct. 2000. (Photos 7-12 are of rf gear at LBNL.)
Photos from WIPP, Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, Carlsbad, NM, June 2000. (Photos 21-28 are of a red-tailed hawk that landed on a balcony of the Jadwin Physics building.)
Photos from Catalina Island & Monterey. Photos 1-10 are from the May '00 Neutrino Factory and Muon Collider Collaboration meeting, Catalina Island, May 17-19, 2000. Photos 23-109 are from NuFACT'00, Monterey, CA, May 22-26, 2000.
Photos from Visit to Los Alamos, Jan. 2000, featuring Bill Louis and Gary Hogan, + views of the LSND and Mega detectors.
Photos from 1999 Physics Holiday parties.
Photos from Adlerfest, Oct. 1999.
Photos from Muon Collider Meetings.
Photos from the Princeton Physics Department Reception, Oct. 1999.
Photos from the Adrianfest, Sept. 1999.
Photos from the NuFACT'99, Lyon France, July 5-9, 1999.
Photos from the May 1999. Photos 1-4 and 7-8 are of Hulya Guler + Mother; photos 5-6 are of Ken Ford and John Wheeler.
Photos from the 1998 Princeton Physics Department Picnic.
Photos from the XVIII Physics in Collisions, Frascati, Italy, June 17-19, 1998.
Photos from the EP Lab Holiday party, Dec. 22, 1998.

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