Photos from the
E-166 Collaboration Meeting

Zeuthen, Germany, May 23-26, 2004

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Photos by Kirk McDonald:
May 23:
Photo 118, Vinod Bharadwaj, Yuri Batygin, Alexander Mikhailichenko, at DESY Zeuthen.
May 24:
Photo 119, John Sheppard, + gartenzwerge. Zipfel Auf!
May 25:
Photo 123, Ties Behnke, Dieter Walz, Hermann Kolanoski, Yuri Batygin, at the Zeuthen S-Bahn station.
Photo 124, Duncan Scott, Jim Clarke, John Sheppard, Achim Stahl.
Photo 125, Vinod, Gudi Moortgat-Pick, Rainer Pitthan. In back: Thomas Schweizer.
Photo 126, John Sheppard and passengers on the S9 train into Berlin.
Photo 127, Gudi and white asparagus (spargel) at the Alexanderplatz station. [The latter link is to an excellent photo essay: Berlin Mitte, Exploration of an Urban Conversion.]
Photo 128, Roman Pöschl, Kirk McDonald, Achim, Peter Schüler, + Marx and Engels. Behind: Palast der Republik, former headquarters of the GDR.
Photo 129, Gudi, Jim, Thomas Lohse, John, Duncan, Hermann, Thomas S..
Photo 130, Thomas L., Yuri Batygin, in the Alte Nationalgalerie on the Museumsinsel, Berlin Mitte.

Photos by Dieter Walz:
Photo 1, Roman, Kirk, Achim, Peter. Higher res version.
Photo 2, Kirk, in the courtyard of the Alte Nationalgalerie. In back: the Berliner Dom. Higher res version.
Photo 3, Vinod, Kirk, + Helmholtz at Humboldt U. Higher res version.

Photos by Vinod Bharadwaj: (higher resolution versions):
Photo 1, John, Kirk, Peter, Ties, at the Zeuthen S-Bahn station.
Photo 6, Duncan, Gudi, Yuri, Hermann, Jim, Thomas L., Rainer, Kirk, Roman, Peter, Dieter, Alexander. In back: Palast der Republik and the Berliner Dom.
Photo 8, Thomas S., at the Rotes Rathaus.
Photo 10, John, Vinod, Jim, Roman, Thomas L., Kirk, Achim, Peter, Duncan, Hermann, Thomas S., Dieter, Alexander, Yuri, Karsten, at the statue of Marx and Engels.
Photo 11, John, Vinod, Jim, Roman, Thomas L., Kirk, Achim, Duncan, Peter, Hermann, Alexander, Thomas S., Dieter, Yuri, Karsten, at the statue of Marx and Engels.
Photo 13, Thomas L., Roman, at the Alte Nationalgalerie. In back: Peter, Achim, John, Kirk, Duncan, Jim.
Photo 14, Peter, Achim, John, Kirk, Duncan, Jim.
Photo 15, Peter, Achim, John, Kirk, Duncan, Jim, Thomas S., Rainer.
Photo 23, Alexander, Yuri. In back: German History Museum.
Photo 29, John, Achim, Kirk, at Humboldt University.
Photo 30, Kirk, Peter, Yuri, Thomas S., Roman, Alexander, Gudi.
Photo 32, Kirk, + Hemlholtz.
Photo 33, Vinod, Kirk, + Helmholtz.
Photo 34, John, at the Konzerthaus on the Gendarmenmarkt.
Photo 36, Alexander, Yuri, Peter, ...., at the Deutscher Dom on the Gendarmenmarkt.
Photo 39, Gudi, Roman, Peter, Yuri, Rainer, back of Dieter, Kirk, back of Jim, Achim.
Photo 40, Duncan, Gudi, Alexander, Yuri, Peter, Rainer, Kirk, Roman, Achim, Jim, John.
Photo 41, Yuri, Alexander, Gudi, Rainer, Kirk, Peter.
Photo 42, Alexander.
Photo 43, Kirk, Achim.
Photo 44, Yuri, Dieter, at Die Zwölf Apostel on Georgenstraße.
Photo 45, Alexander, Gudi.
Photo 46, Peter, Duncan, Achim, Roman.
Photo 47, Thomas S., Karsten Hast, Peter, Duncan, Achim, Roman.
Photo 48, Thomas S., Jim, Kirk, Thomas L., Alexander, Roman, Karsten, Peter.
Photo 49, Yuri, Dieter, John.
Photo 50, Rainer, Karsten, Peter, Achim, Roman.
Photo 51, Gudi, Yuri.
Photo 52, Duncan, Achim.
Photo 53, Gudi and a short beer.
Photo 54, Gudi, Yuri.
Photo 55, Alexander at the Brandenburg Gate.


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