Photos from
Kirk McDonald/Nancy Schaefer's China Trip

May 12-28, 2013

Shanghai, May 12-19:
Photo 1, Former residence of Changguo Lu, 103 Kangping Road, in the French Concession
Photo 2, 103 Kangping Road.
Photo 3, East side of 103 Kangping Road.
Photo 4, South side of 103 Kangping Road.
Photo 5, Front door of 103 Kangping Road
Photo 6, The house was being renovated, and the evening shift of workers took their bicycles inside.
Photo 7, Looking west along Kangping Road.
Photo 8, Looking east along Kangping Road.
Photo 9, Another view of 103 Kangping Road from across the street.
Photo 10, View across the street from the front door of 103 Kangping Road: a Communist Party enclave.
Photo 11, We stayed in an apartment at 391 Wukang Road, rented from Roomorama
Photo 12, Entrance to the apartment.
Photo 13, View down the alley, with the apartment on the left.
Photo 14, View from the entrance to 391 Wukang Road.
Photo 15, Another view from the entrance to 391 Wukang Road. On the right: French bakery Farine.
Photo 16, Plaque at 393 Wukang Road.
Photo 17, Another plaque at 393 Wukang Road.
Photo 18, Plaque at 395 Wukang Road
Photo 19, 395 Wukang Road, former Institute of Radium.
Photo 20, 390 Wukang Road, former Italian Consulate.
Photo 21, You Huang Li, 1801 Middle Huaihai Road.
Photo 22, garden of You Huang Li.
Photo 23, Outside the Soong Ching Ling Memorial Residence, 1843 Middle Huaihai Road.
Photo 23a, Jig for carving a chop (purchased in the Yu Yuan market area).
May 15: Photo 25, sidewalk calligraphers at the West Lake, Hangzhou.
Photo 25, Calligraphers.
Photo 26, Kirk + bronze statue along the West Lake.
Photo 27, Kirk on a restaurant boat on the West Lake.
Photo 27, Longjing tea seller.
Photo 28, Longjing tea packer.
Photo 29, Longjing tea packer.
May 16: Photo 30, Kirk at the Oriental Pearl Tower, Pudong, across from the IPAC13 Conference Hall.
Photo 31, Kirk + Oriental Pearl Tower.
Photo 32, Kirk in Pudong.
May 17: Photo 33, Silk embroiderer at the Suzhou Lanli Garden Embroidery Research Institute,
Photo 34, Kirk + silk embroidery.
Photo 35, Kirk + more embroidery.
Photo 36, Tiger embroidery.
Photo 37, Another tiger.
Photo 38, Nancy + fish embroidery.
Photo 39, Nancy in the garden of the embroidery institute.
Photo 40, Nancy + ebroidered screens.
Photo 40a, "Student" fish embroidery (purchase).
Photo 41, Nancy and a silk winding machine at a silk duvet (gusu) factory, Suzhou Gusu Chansibei Jagongchang, close to the Suzhou Silk Museum.
Photo 42, First stretching of silk cocoons.
Photo 43, Final stretching of silk cocoons.
Photo 44, Stone murals under the Renmen Road Bridge, south end of Suzhou old town.
Photo 45, Nancy + mural.
Photo 46, Lighted bridge on the evening boat tour of the Suzhou moat/canal.
Photo 47, Hostess of the boat tour.
May 18: Photo 48, Micropark in Shanghai, with stainless steel water buffalos.
Photo 49, Girl on the Huzhu Line Bus to Zhujiajiao.
Photo 50, Girl.
Photo 51, Girl.
Photo 51, Baby on back of ethnic teenage mother.
Photo 52, Baby (+ Nancy in back).
Photo 53, Sampan in Zhujiajiao
Photo 54, Canalside restaurants in Zhujiajiao
Photo 55, Nancy + sampan dock.
Photo 56, Nancy + canal.
Photo 57, Nancy + canal.
Photo 58, Nancy + tourist old town.
Photo 59, Nancy + old town.
Photo 60, Nancy + fried food stand.
Photo 61, Nancy on a side canal.
Photo 62, Nancy + fish vendor sampan.
Photo 63, Nancy in the main reception room of the Kezhi Garden.
Photo 63, Friendly Chinese photographers.
Photo 64, Nancy in the upstairs gallery.
Photo 65, Chen Nanjun, paper-cut artist.
Photo 66, Chen Nanjun.
Photo 67, Nancy + paper-cut art.
Photo 68, Chen Nanjun.
Photo 68a, Paper-cut canal scene (purchase).
Photo 68b, Paper-cut tiger (purchase).
Photo 69, Kirk + Buddha in the Kezhi garden.
Photo 70, Nancy + wooden buffalo.
Photo 71, Nancy + arcade
Photo 72, Nancy + zig-zag bridge.
Photo 73, Nancy + rock sculpture.
Photo 74, Nancy + koi.
Photo 75, Nancy + pagoda.
Photo 76, Nancy + another rock sculpture.
Photo 77, Nancy + high tea at the Peninsula on the Bund.
Photo 77, Kirk + bronze sculpture at the Langham Hotel, Xitiandi.
Photo 78, Kirk in the Xitiandi mall.
May 19: Photo 79, Nancy + karaoke drummer in Fuxing Park.
Photo 80, Nancy + singer.
Photo 81, Singer.
Photo 82, Singer.
Photo 83, Singer.
Photo 84, Singer.
Photo 85, Singer.
Movie 1, Singer (102 MB).

Hong Kong, May 20-27:
May 23: Photo 86, Qiang Xiao and Jason Lee at a beach restaurant near the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant.
Photo 87, Qiang, Kirk and Jason.
May 26: Photo 88, Kirk in the control room of the Day Bay Reactor Antineutrino Experiment.
Photo 89, Kirk + Day Bay nuclear reactors.
Photo 90, Mr. Liu.
Photo 91, Kirk + Day Bay reactors
Photo 92, Kirk + Ling Ao complex
Photo 93, Kirk + CGN building.
May 27: Photo 94, Necklace maker at the Lap Sun Gem Company, 247 Yu Chau St., Sham Shui Po, Kowloon.
Photo 95, Necklace maker.
Movie 2, Necklace makers.
Photo 96, Bird cages purchased at the Mong Kok Bird Market.
Photo 97, Kirk + cheese course at the Amber restaurant.

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