Kirk T McDonald Symposium
Jun 17, 2016, Princeton U

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Kirk McDonald, Particle Physicist and Scholar, AJS Smith. .pptx version.
Lepton-pairs from hadrons -- then and now, Jim Pilcher. .pptx version.
Physics with Pair of Particles from muons, to pions, to photons, Cristina Biino. .pptx version.
Memories and remarks, Sandro Palestini.
Kirk conjures Matter from Light, Adrian Melissinos. .ppt version.
Muon Colliders, Bob Palmer.
Neutrinos are Everywhere: Towards a New Understanding of the Quantum Universe, Nigel Lockyer. .pptx version.

Slide show: KTM physics-related photots, .pptx version
Pierre Piroué, Changguo Lu.
Portraits by Bob Palmer.

Andersonfest, Dec 14-15, 2013, Princeton. PWA90 Workshop.
BruceFest, Jan. 28, 2011, U. Chicago. KTM in photos 19 and 88.
Photos from Curt Callan Symposium, Nov. 17, 2002.
Photos from Samiosfest, BNL, 16 May 2002.
Photos from Heuschfest, Santa Cruz, CA, 6 May 2002.
Pierre Piroué Symposium, Dec. 2001.
Photos from the Adrianfest, Sept. 1999.
Symmetry Lost and Found, a symposium honoring Steve Adler's 60th birthday, Oct. 1999.

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