Kirk McDonald Visits the Bula-Bartz Family
Obergoesgen, Switzerland, 19-20 Sept. 1998
Christian, Silke, Jonas and Linda
(+ 12 Jan 2002)

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19 Sept 1998:
Christian and Jonas.
Kirk, by Jonas.
Christian, Linda, Silke and Jonas in front of their apartment building.
Jonas and the stomp rocket.
Linda and the stomp rocket.
Jonas and the stomp rocket, II.
Christian, Linda + ... and the stomp rocket.
Christian, Jonas + ... and the stomp rocket.
Christian and the stomp rocket.

An excursion in the nearby Jura:
Jonas and Linda + remote-control glider enthusiasts as the Saalhoehe.
Linda, Jonas, Silke, Christian + a remote-control glider.
Linda in an old tree.
Linda in an old tree, II.
Jonas et al. in a meadow.
Eye of Jonas.
Linda as vampire.
View northwards across the Jura, by Linda.
Christian, Kirk and Jonas at the Restaurant Krone, featuring metzgete; by Linda. The cowbells are hiking trophies.
A cowbell trophy, by Jonas.
Jonas at the Restaurant Krone, by Linda "Degas" Bula.

20 Sept., excursion to the Rhine:
Christian, and Silke at the Bula family cabin on near Stein am Rhein.
Linda and Christian on the bank of the Rhine.
Silke, Linda and Jonas at the cabin (+ stomp rocket).
A flower of the meadow next to the cabin.
Jonas and Cow I.
Jonas and Cow II.
Christian chopping wood.
Jonas, Silke and Linda waiting for the sausages.
The sausages.
Christian turning the sausages.
Jonas and Christian, still cooking.
Linda, Silke and Jonas, being bombarded by acorns as they wait.
Silke, Jonas and Christian.
Silke and Linda.
Christian, Silke and Jonas as the feldfest begins.
Christian and Silke at the end of the feldfest.
Silke closing up the cabin.
Jonas in front of the cabin.
Linda, Silke, Christian and Jonas in front of the cabin.
A Rheinshiff heading upstream.

At Stein am Rhein:
Jonas and a tile stove at the Kloster St. Georgen.
Jonas on the wine press at the Kloster St. Georgen.
Jonas and the wine press at the Kloster St. Georgen.
Linda and a wine barrel at the Kloster St. Georgen.
Jonas and Linda + the spiral spire of the Kloster St. Georgen.
Kirk + the spire, by Linda.
Linda in the alley behind a butcher shop.
Christian, Jonas, Silke and Kirk, by Linda.
Linda and the miniature steam train.
The steam train, by Linda.
Jonas and the steam train.
A steam launch heads downstream from Stein am Rhein.

On the Rheinshiff from Stein am Rhein to Diessenhofen:
Silke, with Schloss Stein am Rhein in background.
Kirk, by Linda(?).
Linda, Christian and Silke.
Jonas, as we catch up with the steam launch.
The Shaffhausen heading upstream, by Jonas.
Architectural study in Diessenhofen, by Linda.

Back in Stein am Rhein, after a short train ride:
The Shaffhausen catches up with us, by Linda.
Silke, Jonas, Kirk and Linda, by Christian.
Linda on a brass dog.
Jonas on the brass dog.
Linda on the brass dog, II.

Back in Obergoesgen:
Linda with her guinea pig.

Auf Wiedersehens:
Silke, Linda, Jonas and Christian.
Silke, Jonas, Christian and Kirk, by Linda.

12 Jan 2002:
Linda, Jonas.
Christian, Silke.
Linda, Silke.


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