Princeton University
Physics Department
EP Lab Holdiay Party
December 22, 1998

Photos 2-24 are JPEG files at 640 x 480 resolution, about 50kB each.
Please send names of unidentified people to Kirk McDonald at x6608 or, along with corrections, comments etc.
Photo 2, Bills Sands, Richard Fernholz; in back: Handy Seldon, Ray Laue, Dan Marlow.
Photo 3, Carl Bopp and Dick Rabberman.
Photo 4, Sam Morreale, Claude Champagne, Ted Lewis, Chris Henderson, Glenn Atkinson, Fred Loeser (back), Handy Seldon, Ray Laue
Photo 5, Val Fitch, Howard Edwards, George Reynolds; in back: Dick Boscarino, Bart Gibbs, Lois Thomsen, Joe Horvath, Eric Prebys.
Photo 6, Joe Horvath, Bill Groom, Bob Matthews, Amir Razzaghi, Bill Dix
Photo 7, Kathy Patterson, Helga Murray, Laslo Vargas, George Reynolds, Bart Gibbs, Howard Edwards (rear); in back: Bob Klemmer, Sam Morreale, Ted Lewis, Richard Fernholz, Glenn Atkinson, Chris Henderson, part of Handy Seldon
Photo 8, Lois Thomsen, Charles Sule (side), Joe Horvath, Bill Groom (side); in back: Josh Gunderson, Susan Dawson, Nadia Azmy, Lu Changguo (rear), Hulya Guler (side)
Photo 9, Stan Chidzik, Hulya Guler, Lu Changguo, Eric Prebys
Photo 11, Bart Gibbs, Dick Boscarino, Bill Sands, Laurel Lerner, Val Fitch, Lois Thomsen; in back: Dan Marlow, Les Vargas (rear)
Photo 12, Howard Edwards, George Reynolds; in back: Bill Groom, Bob Matthews, Charles Sule
Photo 13, EZ, Laurel Lerner; in back: Bob Matthews, Val Fitch, Lois Thomsen
Photo 14, as photo 13
Photo 15, Dan Marlow, Stew Smith, Les Vargas
Photo 16, Carl Bopp, Dick Rabberman, Amir Razzaghi
Photo 17, Bob Klemmer, Sam Morreale
Photo 18, Alan Nelson, Glenn Atkinson, ear of Ted Lewis
Photo 19, Ray Laue, Ted Lewis; in back: Carl Bopp, Howard Edwards, Val Fitch, Lois Thomsen, Joe Horvath, ...
Photo 20, Dick Rabberman, Bart Gibbs, Fred Loeser
Photo 22, Dick Boscarino, Laurel Lerner; in back: Dan Marlow, Stew Smith
Photo 23, Val Fitch, Lois Thomsen
Photo 24, Richard Fernholz, Angela Qualls, Josh Gunderson, Susan Dawson

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