Christmas Afternoon with the Murphy Clan
Hosts: Jean and Joe McDonough
Ho Ho Kus, NJ, December 25, 1999

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Genealogy of the Murphy Clan

Photo 1, Nancy Schaefer, Jean McDonough.
Photo 2, Jeanie McDonough, Elisabeth Seton, Nancy McDonough.
Photo 3, Jesse McDonough, Mary Jo McDonough.
Photo 4, Mary Ann McDonough, Joe McDonough.
Photo 5, Owen Schaefer, Nancy, part of Mary Ann.
Photo 6, Nancy, Mary Ann; in back: Owen.
Photo 7, Pat McDonough; in back, Mike McDonough, Elizabeth, Joe.
Photo 8, Pat, Bill Savage.
Photo 9, John McDonough, Caitlin Chiarello.
Photo 10, head of Nancy, Pat, Jean.
Photo 11, Caitlin, Elisabeth.
Photo 12, Jesse, back of Jeanie, Cathy Savage, Ryan Savage.
Photo 13, Jeanie, part of Maggie the dog.
Photo 14, Shamus Savage, Jean.
Photo 15, Jeanie, Maggie the dog.
Photo 16, John, Alex McDonald, Owen.
Photo 17, Bill, Cathy.
Photo 18, Joe, Shamus.
Photo 19, Mary Jo, Mike Carroll, Pat.
Photo 20, Maggie and Sandy (Woo), the dogs; in back: Nancy.
Photo 21, X, Sandy, the dogs, Jeanie.
Photo 22, Jeanie, Nancy.
Photo 23, Shirt of Bill, Pat, Cathy.
Photo 24, Mike, Nancy; in back: Owen, Bill, Mary Jo.
Photo 25, Kevin Kinney; in back: John.
Photo 26, Mary Ann, John, Nancy.
Photo 27, Nancy, Pat; in back: Caitlin.
Photo 28, Caitlin, Elizabeth.
Photo 29, Nancy, Jean.
Photo 30, Jeanie, Mary Ann.
Photo 31, John, at the karaoke stand.
Photo 32, Nancy, Pat.
Photo 33, Jesse, Bill.
Photo 34, Alex; in back: Cathy.
Photo 35, Caitlin, Elizabeth, pulling a Christmas cracker.
Photo 36, Jesse, Jeanie, Caitlin; in back: Shamus.
Photo 37, Mike, Jean; in back: Elizabeth, Caitlin.
Photo 38, Nancy, Cathy.
Photo 39, Sandy the dog, Pat.
Photo 40, Jean, Sandy the dog.
Photo 41, Kevan, Alex, John.
Photo 42, Jeanie, Bill.
Photo 43, Pat, Cathy.
Photo 44, Mary J, Jean, Nancy.
Photo 45, Jean, Mary Ann.
Photo 46, Nancy, Jesse.
Photo 47, Alex, John.
Photo 48, Rainbow the cat.
Photo 49, Ryan, Pat.
Photo 50, Ryan, Pat, Caitlin.
Photo 51, Mary Ann, John, Mary Jo; in back: Nancy, Owen.
Photo 52, Caitlin; in back: Ryan, Bill.

Genealogy of the Murphy Clan

(William Murphy) + (Mary Maher)
---- (Mary "Mae" Murphy) + (William Savage)
-------- (William Savage, Jr) + Dorothy "Dottie" Degnan
------------ Kathleen Savage + Robert Strausser
---------------- Mark Strausser
---------------- Kristy Strausser + X Bourgeoise
------------ Susan Savage + Joel Voss
---------------- Jesse
---------------- Shane
---------------- Brianne
------------ Timothy "Timmy" Savage
------------ William "Billy" Savage, Jr + Cathy
---------------- Shamus Savage
---------------- Shawn Savage
---------------- Ryan Savage
------------ Mary Kate Savage [+ Mason]
---------------- (Laura Mason)
---------------- Carlie Mason
-------- Jean Marie Savage + Joseph "Joe" Francis McDonough, 201-445-6926
------------ Michael "Mike" William McDonough + Nancy Carroll
---------------- Michael "Mike" Carroll,
---------------- Elisabeth Seton
------------ Patrick "Pat" Joseph McDonough + Mary Ann Crawford,
---------------- John Patrick McDonough
------------ Mary Jo McDonough [+ James Kinney]
---------------- Kevan Kinney
------------ Joseph "Joey" Francis McDonough, Jr + Sheila Buckley
---------------- Colin McDonough
---------------- Cameron McDonough
---------------- Liam McDonough
------------ Jeanie Patricia McDonough [+ Scott Chiarello]
---------------- Jessica "Jesse" Chiarello,
---------------- Caitlin Chiarello
---- (Ann Murphy) + (Abert Eddy)
-------- Albert "Albie" Eddy + (Norma)
------------ Barbara
---------------- Tiffany
---------------- Nathan
---- (William Murphy) + (Alice)
-------- William Murphy, Jr + Angela
-------- Gerald "Gerry" Murphy
---- (Margaret "Peggy" Murphy) + (James Edward Schaefer)
-------- Nancy Carole Schaefer, + Kirk Thomas McDonald, 609-924-6167,
------------ Alexander "Alex" James Schaefer McDonald,
------------ Gerald Owen "Owen" McDonald Schaefer,


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