Photos from the Celebratory dinner for
David Gross and Frank Wilczek

In honor of their receipt of the
2004 Nobel Prize in Physics

Jasna Polana, Princeton, April 30, 2005

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Photo 1, Maryna Griganskaya, Cristiano Galbiati.
Photo 2, Nancy Schaefer, Sue Sturtevant.
Photo 3, Art Wightman, Frank Shoemaker, Chris Tully.
Photo 4, Bill Brinkman, Frank Wilczek, Hermann Verlinde, Shivaji Sondhi.
Photo 5, Norma Smith, John Hopfield.
Photo 6, Nate Seiberg, Maria and Juan Maldecena.
Photo 7, Ed Witten, Ravind Bhatt; in back: Frank Shoemaker, Hermann Verlinde.
Photo 8, David Gross, Sasha Migdal, back of Jacqueline Savani, Daria and Sasha Polyakov.
Photo 9, Kathy Warren, Paul LaMarche.
Photo 10, Jane Groth, Ludmilla Wightman.
Photo 11, Charlotte and Bill Bialek, Pierre Piroué; in back: Phuan Ong.
Photo 12, Pierre and Marianne Piroué.
Photo 13, Pierre and Marianne Piroué, Shirley Chan.
Photo 14, Norma Smith, Bob Austin, Shirley Chan.
Photo 15, Joanna Radzicki-Olsen and Jim Olsen.
Photo 16, Dan Tsui, Shirley Chan; in back: Zahid Hasan
Photo 17, Leonardo Rastelli, Zahid Hasan, Sunny Itzhaki: in back: Norma Smith.
Photo 18, Shivaji Sondhi, Jason Puchalla, Suzanne Staggs, Bill Brinkman; in back: Annabella Selloni.
Photo 19, Jason Puchalla, Suzanne Staggs, Kirk McDonald.
Photo 20, Paul LaMarche, Shelley Krohnengold.
Photo 21, Nancy Schaefer, Kirk McDonald.
Photo 22, Sasha Polyakov, Igor Klebanov.
Photo 23, Peter Meyers, Frank Shoemaker, Dan Marlow; in back: Paul LaMarche, Shelley Krohnengold.
Photo 24, Sue Sturtevant, Dan Marlow; in back: Marianne Piroué.
Photo 25, Frank Shoemaker, David Gross.
Photo 26, Grayson Barber, Pamela Klebanov, Marianne Piroué, Nancy Schaefer, Shelley Krohnengold, Sue Sturtevant; in back: Igor Klebanov, Andrew Bazarko.
Photo 27, Marianne Piroué, Nancy Schaefer, Sue Sturtevant, Dan Marlow, Shelley Krohnengold; in back: Andrew Bazarko, Paul LaMarche, Art Wightman.
Photo 28, Pamela Klebanov, Marianne Piroué.
Photo 29, David Gross, Sasha Migdal.
Photo 30, Duncan Haldane, Odile Belmont, back of Dan Marlow.
Photo 31, Val Fitch, Stew Smith.
Photo 32, Joanna Radzicki-Olsen, Jim Olsen, Nancy Schaefer.
Photo 33, Suzanne Staggs, Jason Puchalla, Nora Gross, Tommi Hurme; in back: Joe Taylor.
Photo 34, Tommi Hurme, Ed Witten, Nancy Shatzman, Paul Steinhardt.
Photo 35, Ruth Nass, Ted Gross, Suzanne Staggs.
Photo 36, David Nice, Joe Taylor, Elizabeth Olson.
Photo 37, Eunice Wilkinson, Marietta Taylor, Lyman Page.
Photo 38, Elena and Boris Altschuler, Odile Belmont, Duncan Haldane.
Photo 39, Duncan Haldane, Phuan and Delicia Ong.
Photo 40, Ali Yazdani, Adele Goldbert.
Photo 41, Kathy Warren, Shelley Krohnengold, Paul LaMarche, Bob Austin.
Photo 42, Bob Austin, Shirley Chan, Sasha Migdal.
Photo 43, Annabella Selloni, Warren and Kathy Warren.
Photo 44, Part of Cristiano Galbiati, Ravind and Swati Bhatt, Bill and Charlotte Bialek.
Photo 45, Margot and Eugene Taylor, Frank Calaprice.
Photo 46, Peter Meyers, Grayson Barber, Chris Tully.
Photo 47, Jacqueline Shire, Shivaji and Ashwani Sondhi.
Photo 48, Maryna Griganskaya, Andrew Bazarko, Jacqueline Shire.
Photo 49, David Gross, Shirley Tilghman.
Photo 50, David Gross, Shirley Tilghman, Frank Wilczek.
Photo 51, Will (part) and Barbara Happer.
Photo 52, Lori Martine, Curtis Callan.
Photo 53, David Dobkin, Susan Gespassm, Chris Eisgruber.
Photo 54, Zahid Hasan, Mary Waltham, Phil Anderson, John Hopfield.
Photo 55, Bill Brinkman, Sybille Zeldin.
Photo 56, Pierre Piroué, Igor Klebanov, Marianne Piroué, Rich Auletta.
Photo 57, Dan Marlow, Sue Sturtevant.
Photo 58, Bill Lewis, Dan Marlow.
Photo 59, Dan Marlow, Sue Sturtevant.
Photo 60, Ludmilla Wightman.
Photo 61, Art and Ludmilla Wightman, Joseph Kohn.
Photo 62, Hermann Verlinde, Leonardo Rastelli.
Photo 63, Sunny Itzhaki, Nate Seiberg, Juan Maldacena.
Photo 64, Sarah Brett-Smith, Steve Adler.
Photo 65, Maria Maldacena, Charles and Rachel Gray.
Photo 66, Val Fitch, Phil Anderson.
Photo 67, Dan Marlow, Bill Lewis.
Photo 68, Nate Seiberg, Sasha Polyakov, David Gross, Duncan Haldane.
Photo 69, Jacqueline Savani, Curtis Callan.
Photo 70, Phil Anderson.
Photo 71, Nancy Schaefer, Norma and Stew Smith.
Photo 72, Norma and Stew Smith, Kirk McDonald.
Photo 73, Ed Witten, Frank Wilczek.
Photo 74, Duncan Haldane, Sasha Migdal.
Photo 75, Phuan Ong, Ravind Bhatt, Frank Wilczek, Phil Anderson.
Photo 76, Duncan Haldane, Sasha Migdal, Dan Marlow, David Gross.
Photo 77, Curtis Callan, back of Nancy Schaefer.
Photo 78, Joseph and Anna Rosa Kohn, Dan Marlow, Stew Smith, David Gross.
Photo 79, Ravind Bhatt, Sue Sturtevant, Delicia Ong, Odile Belmont, Swati Bhatt; in back: Joseph Kohn, Nate Seiberg, Curtis Callan.
Photo 80, Phuan Ong, Pamela and Igor Klebanov.
Photo 81, Bill and Charlotte Bialek, David Gross.


Photos from E-166 Collaboration Meeting, Zeuthen, Germany, May 23-26, 2004.
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Photos from 2000 Physics Holiday party.
Photos from California Visit, Oct. 2000. (Photos 7-12 are of rf gear at LBNL.)
Photos from WIPP, Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, Carlsbad, NM, June 2000. (Photos 21-28 are of a red-tailed hawk that landed on a balcony of the Jadwin Physics building.)
Photos from Catalina Island & Monterey. Photos 1-10 are from the May '00 Neutrino Factory and Muon Collider Collaboration meeting, Catalina Island, May 17-19, 2000. Photos 23-109 are from NuFACT'00, Monterey, CA, May 22-26, 2000.
Photos from Visit to Los Alamos, Jan. 2000, featuring Bill Louis and Gary Hogan, + views of the LSND and Mega detectors.
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Photos from the Princeton Physics Department Reception, Oct. 1999.
Photos from the Adrianfest, Sept. 1999.
Photos from the NuFACT'99, Lyon France, July 5-9, 1999.
Photos from the May 1999. Photos 1-4 and 7-8 are of Hulya Guler + Mother; photos 5-6 are of Ken Ford and John Wheeler.
Photos from the 1998 Princeton Physics Department Picnic.
Photos from the XVIII Physics in Collisions, Frascati, Italy, June 17-19, 1998.
Photos from the EP Lab Holiday party, Dec. 22, 1998.

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