Photos from the
Symposium on Luminous and Dark Matter
honoring the career of Adrian Melissinos
September 24-25, 1999, Rochester, NY

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Sept. 23, Hyatt Regency Rochester:
Theo Kotseroglou.
Al Abashian, Bill Bugg.
Kirk McDonald; in back: Bill Bugg.
Ashok Das.
Shirley Brignall, Judy Mack.
Shirley Brignall, Juday Mack.
Leon Lederman.
Frank Nezrick.

Sept. 23, Century Club:
George Kalblfeisch.
Hans Jostlein: in back: Steve Olsen....
Adrian Melissinos.
Bob Reiner.
Charlie Reece.
Alan Carroll.
Tom Ferbel.
P.K. Williams.
Al Abashian, Bill Reay.
Nick Samios (overexposed).
Steve Manly.
John Melissinos.
Helen Edwards.
Polly Fry, Todd Blalock.
Alan and Polly Fry.
Steve Olsen.

Sept. 24, Hyatt Regency Rochester:
Kevin McFarland,"eyes wide shut".
Mike Tannenbaum, "eyes wide shut".
Eric Prebys.
Hans Jostlein.
Karl van Bibber.
P.K. Williams.
Charlie Bamber.

Sept. 24, Banquet at the Hyatt:
Marissa and Dave Reis.
Mike Murtagh, Peter Sokolsky.
Paul and Jean Slattery.
Susumu Okubo and Yori Nagashima.
Bill Carithers, Alan Carroll, in back: Tom Ferbel, Adrian Melissinos, Leon Lederman, Joyce Melissinos, ....
Yannis Semertzidis, Karl van Bibber.
Eric and Debbie Prebys, Theo Kotseroglou.
Theo Kotseroglou, Todd Blalock, in back: Bill Carithers, Leon Lederman, ...
Charlie Bamber, Bill Donaldson.
Hans Jostlein, George Kalbfleisch, in back: ..., Steve Manly, ....
Dave and Marissa Reis, in back: Polly and Alan Fry, Joe Rogers.
Nick Samios, Adrian and Joyce Melissinos.
Nick Samios (part), Adrian and Joyce Melissinos.
Leon Lederman, Tom and Barbara Ferbel.
Helen Edwards, Bill Bugg.
John and Andrew Melissinos, Margaret Mitchell (part, mother of Joyce Melissinos).
The Knoxes.
Dave Burke, Frank Nezrick, in back: Mike Tannenbaum.
Barry Barish, Nick Samios.
Don Hartill, Dave Burke.
Ari and Priscilla Bodek.
Ashok Das, Joyce Melissinos.
Theo Kotseroglou.
Kirk McDonald, Charlie Bamber.
Ashok Das (overexposed).
Kirk McDonald.
Barbara and Mike Tannenbaum, Henry Stroke.
Ernie Buchanan, Sarah Eno.
Tess and Kevin McFarland, in back: Polly Fry, Dave Reis.
Steve Manly.
Theo Kotseroglou, Nick Samios, John Melissinos.
The Knoxes.
P.K. Williams (overexposed), Leon Lederman, in back: Paul Slattery, ...
Adrian Melissinos, Nick Samios, Leon Lederman.
Joe Rogers, Sylvia Cantatore, part of Theo Kotseroglou.
Giovanni Cantatore, Yannis Semertzidis.
profile of Leon Lederman, Adrian Melissinos, Dave Reis.

Sept. 24, Tapas Bar, 177 St. Paul:
Polly and Alan Fry, Theo Kotseroglou.
Kirk McDonald, Polly and Alan Fry.
Alan and Polly Fry.

Sept. 25, Hyatt Regency Rochester:
Tom Kirk, Dave Burke.
Soon-Yong Yoon, Ed Thorndike.
Bill Reay, Charlie Bamber.
Steve Olsen, Frank Nezrick.
Al Abashian, Tom Ferbel, in back: Alan Carroll.
Al Abashian, Tom Ferbel.
Hans Jostlein, Adrian Melissinos.
Theo Kotseroglou, Yannis Semertzidis.
Mike Tannenbaum, George Kalbfleish, in back: Leon Lederman.
Henry Stroke, Karl van Bibber, Barry Barish.
Ed Thorndike, Dave Berley, in back: Barry Barish.
Susumu Okubo, in back: Bill Bugg, Hans Jostlein, George Kalbfleisch, ...
Greg Davis, Bill Butler.
Steve Olsen, I-Hung Chiang.
Ed Thorndike, Dave Berley, in back: Barry Barish.
Wu-Chun Park, Soon-Yong Soon.
Bob Ellsworth, in back: Bill Reay, Charlie Bamber.
Emilio Zavattini.
Nick Samios, Bill Carithers.
Adrian Melissinos, Eric Lincke, in back: Ed Thorndike, Frank Nezrick.
Mike Murtagh, Alan Carroll.
Carl Whiteman, Yori Nagashima.


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