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(+ notes on related topics in strong-field QED
and in Laser Acceleration)

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Many of the papers below are also available at the LANL preprint arXiv.

Nonlinear, Strong Field QED: SLAC Experiment E-144, (ExHILP21, Jena, Sept 17, 2021). .pptx version.
Nonlinear, Strong Field QED: SLAC Experiment E-144, (Aug 22, 2018). .pptx version. DESY Strong-Field QED Workshop, 21-23 Aug, 2018.
The Light Fantastic (Jan. 30, 2018). e-Letter to Science. A Comment on an article in Science 339, 382 (2018).
Reaching for the Brightest Light (Dec. 2017).
A Damped Oscillator as a Hamiltonian System (June 9, 2015). .ps version.
Emittance Growth from Weak Relativistic Effects (Mar 21, 2011). .ps version.
Hamiltonian with z as the Independent Variable (Mar 19, 2011). .ps version.
Static Magnetic Field as Determined by Its Value on a Surface (Mar 17, 2011). .ps version.
Expansion of an Axially Symmetric, Static Magnetic Field in Terms of Its Axial Field (Mar 10, 2011). .ps version.
Potentials for a Cylindrical Electromagnetic Cavity, with J. Gallardo (Mar 9, 2011). .ps version.
Poincaré Potentials for a Finite Solenoid (Mar 8, 2011). .ps version.
Potentials for a Rectangular Electromagnetic Cavity (Mar 4, 2011). .ps version.
Comments on Emittance Calculations (Apr 8, 2011). .ps version.
Ĉerenkov Radiation from a Short Path (Oct 5, 2010). .ps version.
Undulator-based production of polarized positrons, G. Alexander et al. NIM A 610, 451 (2009).
How Circularly Polarized is the Forward Radiation from a Helical Undulator? (Oct 10, 2008).
Use of a Transmission Polarimeter for a Nonmonochromatic Photon Beam, (Oct 3, 2008).
Observation of Polarized Positrons from an Undulator-Based Source, G. Alexander et al. Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 210801 (2008).
Undulator-Based Production of Polarized Positrons, J. Koverman et al. (EPAC), June, 2006). Poster, .pdf version, .ppt version.
Futures in Accelerator-Based Physics, (U. Ioannina, Greece, May 21, 2004).
Radial Dependence of Radiation from a Bounded Source, (Jan 25, 2004).
Synchrotron-Cerenkov Radiation, Letters to Science, vol. 303, p. 310 (2004). Money Spinner or Loopy Idea, Edwin Cartlidge, Science, 301, 1463 (2003).
A Neutrino Horn Based on a Solenoid Lens, (Dec. 1, 2003).
Proposal: Undulator-Based Production of Polarized Positrons, (June 7, 2003). Approved as SLAC E-166.
Gaussian Laser Beams via Oblate Spheroidal Waves, (Oct. 19, 2002).
Maximum Energy of Circular Colliders, with Chris Tully (Dec. 10, 2001). .ps version.
An Off-Axis Neutrino Beam (Nov. 6, 2001). .ps version.
The Maximum Energy Attainable in a Betatron (Nov. 19, 2000). .ps version.
Axicon Gaussian Laser Beams (Mar. 14, 2000), .ps version. .pdf version with high-res figures. Transparencies with high-res figures.
A Maxwellian Perspective on Particle Acceleration, with Max Zolotorev (updated Sep. 7, 1999), .ps version.
Time-Reversed Diffraction, with Max Zolotorev (Sep. 5, 1999), .ps version.
Classical Radiation Processes in the Weizsacker-Williams Approximation, with Max Zolotorev (Aug. 25, 1999), .ps version.
Comment on Coherent Acceleration by Subcycle Laser Pulses, with Kwang-Je Kim, Gennady Stupakov and Max Zolotorev (May 1, 1999), .ps version.
Draft: Measurement of Pulsewidth via Correlations in Intensity Fluctuations, with Max Zolotorev (Mar. 23, 1999), .ps version.
Studies of nonlinear QED in collisions of 46.6 GeV electrons with intense laser pulses, C. Bamber et al. Phys. Rev. D 60, 092004 (1999).
Diffraction as a Consequence of Faraday's Law, with Max Zolotorev (Jan. 11, 1999), .ps version.
The Transverse Momentum of an Electron in a Wave (Nov. 15, 1998). .ps version.
Canonical Angular Momentum of a Solenoid Field (Nov. 13, 1998). .ps version.
Transparencies, A Maxwellian Perspective on Particle Acceleration (short version, Apr. 17, 1998), .ps version.
On the Trident Calculation for E-144, T. Koffas and A.C. Melissinos (Apr. 10, 1998).
Transparencies, A Maxwellian Perspective on Particle Acceleration (Mar. 31, 1998), .ps version.
Hawking-Unruh Radiation and Radiation of a Uniformly Accelerated Charge, (updated Mar. 4, 1998), .ps version.
Energy Balance in an Electrostatic Accelerator, with Max Zolotorev (Feb. 1, 1998), .ps version.
The Hawking-Unruh Temperature and Damping in a Linear Focusing Channel, (Jan. 29, 1998), .ps version.
Classical `Dressing' of a Free Electron in a Plane Electromagnetic Wave, with K. Shmakov (updated Feb. 28, 1998), .ps version.
Fundamental Physics during Violent Acceleration, Working Group C Summary, Workshop on Quantum Aspects of Beam Physics (Jan. 9, 1998).
Loose Ends in Strong-Field QED (Including Laser Acceleration), (Dec. 17, 1997). .ps version.
Temporary Acceleration of Electrons While Inside an Intense Electromagnetic Pulse, K.T. McDonald and K. Shmakov, Phys. Rev. STAB 2, 121301 (1999) (Nov. 20, 1997), .ps version.
Comment on Experimental Observation of Electrons Accelerated in Vacuum to Relativistic Energies by a High-Energy Laser, (Aug. 22, 1997), .ps version. Phys. Rev. Lett. 80, 1350 (1998),
A Relativistic Electron Can't Extract Net Energy from a `Long' Laser Pulse, (Aug. 22, 1997). This note presents in detail a key argument used in the preceding Comment. Eq. (9) is a new result. .ps version.
Positron Production in Multiphoton Light-by-Light Scattering, D.L. Burke et al. Phys. Rev. Lett. 79, 1626 (1997).
Limits on the Applicability of Classical Electromagmetic Fields as Inferred from the Radiation Reaction, (May 12, 1997), .ps version.
Laser Acceleration in Vacuum, J.L. Hsu et al. (May, 1997). One of the most sensible papers on this subject.
The Radiofrequency Quadrupole (Feb. 27, 1997). .ps version.
The Weizsäcker-Williams Approximation to Trident Production in Electron-Photon Collisions, with C. Bula (Feb 28, 1997). .ps version.
Notes on Synchrotron Radiation (Feb. 11, 1997). .ps version.
Positron Production in a Plasma-Wakefield Accelerator, (Oct. 29, 1996), .ps version.
Noncontact Measurement of the Tension of a Wire, with Mark Convery (Apr. 14, 1996). .ps version.
Picosecond timing of terawatt laser pulses with the SLAC 46-GeV electron beam, T. Kotseroglou et al. NIM A383, 309 (1996).
Observation of Nonlinear Effects in Compton Scattering, C. Bula et al. Phys. Rev. Lett. 76, 3116 (1996).
Gaussian Laser Beams and Particle Acceleration, (May 26, 1995), .ps version.
Proposal for a Feasibility Study of Very Large Aperture Quadrupole Magnets, with J.D. Bjorken (SLAC-PUB-6138, Apr, 1993).
Beampipes for Forward Collider Detectors, (Aug 7, 1992).
Induced Light-by-Light Scattering Experiment, Adv. Accel. Workshop (June 20, 1992), AIP Conf. Proc. 279, 945 (1992).
Proposal for a Study of QED at Critical Field Strength in Intense Laser-High- Energy-Electron Collisions, (Oct. 20, 1991), .ps version.
Operational Status of the Brookhaven National Laboratory Accelerator Test Facility, K. Batchelor et al. (EPAC90).
Proposal for an Experimental Study of Nonlinear Compton Scattering, in a 50-MeV electron beam, (Oct. 27, 1989), .ps version.
Will Ordinary Electron-Laser Interactions Preclude Observation of Nonlinear Strong-Field Effects?, (Sept. 8, 1989), .ps version.
Methods of Emittance Measurement, with D.P. Russell, in Frontiers of Particle Beams: Observation, Diagnosis and Correction, M. Month and S. Turner, eds. (Springer-Verlag, 1989), p. 122. See note added on p. 6, July, 2003.
Design of the Laser-Drvien RF Electron Gun for the BNL Accelerator Test Facility, IEEE Trans. Electron Dev. 35, 2052 (1988).
An RF Cavity in Which Transverse Fields Grow Linearly with Radius (Mar. 24, 1988), .ps version.
The Hawking-Unruh Temperature and Quantum Fluctuations in Particle Accelerators, (Mar. 9, 1987). Proc. PAC87, p. 1196, .ps version.
Radiation from a Superluminal Source (Nov. 26, 1986); Am. J. Phys. 65, 1076 (1997), .ps version.
The Helical Wiggler, with H. Mitter, (Oct. 12, 1986), .ps version.
The Laser Driven Vacuum Photodiode (Sept. 26, 1986), .ps version.
Observation of Interference between Cerenkov and Synchrotron Radiation, with K.D. Bonin et al. (Aug 15, 1986), Phys. Rev. Lett. 52, 2264 (1986). The Synchrotron-Cerenkov Effect, for the 1986 Bates Lab Annual Report.
Proposal for Experimental Studies of Nonlinear Quantum Electrodynamics, (Sept. 2, 1986), .ps version.
Correspondence on the synchrotron-Cerenkov effect, (Dec. 1985-Nov. 1986).
Correspondence on strong-field QED, (Feb. 1985-Sept. 1997).
Fundamental Physics During Violent Accelerations, (Jan. 7, 1985), AIP Conf. Proc. 130, 23 (1985), .ps version.
The Grating Accelerator (Sept. 14, 1984), .ps version.
Correspondence on the Hawking-Unruh effect, (1982-1983).
Cerenkov Radiation in a Dielectric Wave Guide (Sept. 30, 1979). .ps version.
Neutral Pion Decay (Sept. 15, 1976). .ps version.
Polarization Precession (Jan. 14, 1970). .ps version.
Floating Wire Simulation of the Trajectory of a Charged Particle in a Magnetic Field (Sept. 1, 1969). .ps version.
A.V. Burov and A.V. Novakhatski, Wake Potentials of Dielectric Canal, (BINP 92-17).
J. Schwinger, On Radiation by Electrons in a Betatron, (240kB, 1945). This paper was never published, but has recently been transcribed to a .pdf file by M. Furman.
Nicholas C. Christofilos, His Contributions to Physics, A.C. Melissinos, 1993 CERN Accelerator School.


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